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Agatha Christie - Death On The Nile. Pages Preview Download Death in the Clouds By Agatha Christie Christie. APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH. Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile Embark on a great Seek and Find adventure which brings a whole new way of enjoying the timeless Agatha Christie story of. Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie, , Bantam Books edition, in English - New Bantam ed. 54 editions of Death on the Nile found in the catalog. Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY.

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Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile, free and safe download. Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile latest version: The classic mystery novel brought to life. Agatha . Death on the Nile is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 1 November and in the US by. Agatha Christie - Death On The Nile. PART ONE "It's certainly not a matter of life or death," said Mrs. Otterbourne. But there she was This eBook was created using ReaderWorks®Publisher , produced by OverDrive, Inc. For more.

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I love this book because it has the feel of a novel that the author enjoyed writing. It was successfully filmed in and I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the film almost as much as I enjoyed the novel. Usually I don't! I think it filmed well because the dramatic nature of the book lends itself to being converted into a script. Of course, some alterations had to be made and some characters removed, but over-all it was a fine effort.

The fabulous scenery along the Nile didn't hurt a bit.. It's a wonderful thing to be young and rich and beautiful and Linnet Ridgely clearly intends to wring every drop of enjoyment out of her situation.

If she's a trifle over-bearing and arrogant, who can blame her? If she occasionally wounds people in order to get what she wants, she always tries to make amends. But what if the person she's offended refuses to be reconciled and pursues a vendetta against her and her new husband?

Then there are the lawyers who've controlled her estate during her childhood As a married woman, she now has control and she proves to be surprisingly hard-headed.

The comfortable days of keeping her in ignorance are over and there are signs that her "uncles" may have things to hide. Would they benefit from her death? Poirot has come to Egypt as a tourist, not to get involved in murder, but he doesn't have any choice in the matter. His friend Colonel Race is keeping a discrete eye on the young couple, but will it be sufficient to prevent tragedy?

Like many of Cristie's plots, it revolves around a woman who's basically good-natured, but who fails to realize the resentment she causes.

To her, everything she does is understandable and reasonable. Since she's wealthy and people including her husband are dependent on her good-will, who's going to tell her otherwise? It's a sort of mental blindness in an otherwise shrewd woman and it leaves her very, very vulnerable. And there's a boat-load literally of interesting characters and a good many of them have something to hide.

Poirot has his work cut out for him and the shocking finale is as sad for him as for the reader. Love, hate, envy, and greed are all potent emotions, Christie seems to be saying, and none of us is immune to their effects.

A clever mystery, fascinating characters, some humor, and an exotic setting. How could you go wrong? Christie didn't. AmznAddict Top Contributor: What a fantastic and compelling plot, with an ending that satisfied me immensely.


Given the title, I take it that I can spoil it for you- it is a tragic story. Very tragic, actually, but that's what makes for great stories isn't it? The mystery itself is frustrating Christie had everything out in the open as she was telling the story, and you find that you had the tools all along to put the mystery together. I love that so much about her.

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She is not trying to catch you out, forcing a twist that barely makes sense. No, this book is like a journey that Poirot takes you on and you do not need him to finish it for you, but you really want him to because he is an awesome character. I did not know that this book was written as part of a trilogy.

In fact, the very first book I read was Murder on the Orient Express which absolutely blew my mind. This was the second Agatha Christie book I ever read, and now I am hook. You do not need to read this in order to follow along, but if you do- Murder in Mesopotamia is first, followed by this book, followed by Murder on the Orient Express.

I'm not going to give you a synopsis of what the book is about. I hate those kinds of reviews. What I will tell you is that this was my favorite book since the mids. It was the first so-called adult book I ever read and is the book that made me a life long Christie fan. I am 46 today and right beside me is yet another book of hers.

If you like mysteries and puzzles, then you'll likely love these. That said, Christie does cheat. She does not give us all the clues. For example in the book I am presently reading not Death on the Nile a suspect secretly and suspiciously bought a book.

Poirot finds it and exclaims that he knew it! Do we find out what the book is? That is likely a vital clue, but Christie doesn't share it with us.

Murder on the Orient Express

For this reason we are left behind Poirot, but for me that's okay. Her stories weave intelligent mysteries and that's enough for me. As for Death on the Nile, read the book before you see the movie.

They're a bit different. You'll meet more characters in the book, but afterwards, don't miss that movie! It's brilliant with a legendary cast. One word of warning for Kindle readers: It is missing a drawing of the boat's floor plan. I was very upset when I saw this. Oh and yes, that means I own every version of this book.

It's fun to reread time and again. Happy reading!

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This story is something of a shocker. The background is built up very carefully to an unexpected climax. The cast of characters is extraordinary, including, it does, an alcoholic mother and her loyal unhappy daughter, an amiable jewel thief, an international terrorist, a beautiful heiress on honeymoon with an unlikely husband, a jilted lover, conniving murderers, a blackmailer, an outspoken young Communist, and a dishonest lawyer, along with assorted others, all on a luxury trip in Egypt down the Nile River.

Also on board are the world-famous detective Hercule Poirot, who is simply vacationing, another detective who is in pursuit of the murderous terrorist and a bank representative tracking the lawyer.

One murder turns into additional murders as witnesses are eliminated, good people find love and those who are evil meet with unexpected ends. This is altogether a fascinating book, well worth reading.

One person found this helpful. Paperback Verified Purchase. It's Agatha Christie and it was wonderful as always. Wonderful characters, beautifully constructed story, and simply great writing. Like I am fond of saying, if you are an aspiring mystery writer, you would be wise to study the works of this amazing Lady.

Such a fun read! I had it finished in 3 days! See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Death On The Nile. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Murder on the Orient Express Kindle Edition.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The Murder on the Links. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Word Wise: Enhanced Typesetting: Page Flip: Jacqueline quickly ran into Pennington's nearby cabin, fetched his gun, and shot Mrs. Poirot explains his suspicions were first piqued when Louise spoke hypothetically about seeing someone enter Linnet's cabin on the night of the murder.

He deduced the only reason she wouldn't definitively answer the question was because the murderer was in the room and she was hoping to make some money through blackmail. Aside from Poirot himself and Colonel Race, the only people present were Dr. Bessner and Simon. Louise could have spoken to Dr. Bessner at any time, however, so it was hardly necessary for her to broach the subject in front of others. Therefore, she must have been trying to get Simon's attention, since his condition was being closely monitored and she might not get a chance to speak to him again.

Poirot's suspicions were also aroused by the fact that Miss Van Schuyler's stole had a hole through it, meaning it had been used to silence a shot. This was strange because Linnet's bullet wound had scorching around it, meaning the gun had been held close against her head.

If the stole had been used to muffle the sound of the gun going off, there would have been no scorching. The fact that other people reported hearing the popping sound later discovered to be the fatal shot further cements this theory. Since there were witnesses who could prove the stole hadn't been used when Simon was "shot", it meant there must have been a third shot nobody knew anything about - the shot that Simon fired into his own leg following the murder of his wife.

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Poirot notes that on the night of the murder, he slept quite soundly, when he usually sleeps lightly. This led to his deduction that his wine was drugged, preventing him from interfering with the night's events. Poirot's bottle of wine at dinner being drugged also spoke to premeditation, not a crime that was done at the spur of the moment, which started him down the path that would lead him to the solution. Confronted, Simon and then Jacqueline confess to the plot.

Jacqueline says that she and Simon have always been in love, and that Simon never cared for Linnet. The whole marriage had been an act so Simon would inherit her money.

After a suitable mourning period, Simon and Jacqueline would appear to reconcile and eventually marry. Jacqueline tells Poirot it was Simon's idea to murder Linnet but that she planned it, knowing Simon was not smart enough to pull it off by himself.

He had previously attempted to steal some money from his employers, but was caught and subsequently fired. Planning a crime on such a grand scale was beyond his capabilities. Jacqueline was the woman with the ideas and Simon was the man of action.

Together, they planned a nearly perfect crime. Jacqueline also admits Linnet did genuinely try to steal Simon away from her, which is why she doesn't regret coming up with the plan, although she was glad she didn't have to be the one to kill her. As the passengers disembark, Jacqueline reveals a second pistol, which she hid in Rosalie Otterbourne's cabin while the boat was being searched.

She kills both Simon and herself, sparing them both from more gruesome and humiliating deaths. Poirot confesses that he knew about the second pistol, and wanted to give Jacqueline the chance to take a more humane way out. In addition to Tim and Rosalie, there is another unexpected love match: Cornelia Robson accepts Dr. Bessner's proposal, to the stupefaction of Mr. Ferguson, who had been courting her, in his own uncouth way, during the whole trip.

It also emerges that Mr. Ferguson is an alias and that he is in fact a member of the nobility, who became interested in communism whilst studying at Oxford. The Times Literary Supplement ' s short review of 20 November by Caldwell Harpur concluded, "Hercule Poirot, as usual, digs out a truth so unforeseen that it would be unfair for a reviewer to hint at it".

In The New York Times Book Review for 6 February , Isaac Anderson concluded after summarising the set-up of the plot that, "You have the right to expect great things of such a combination [of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot] and you will not be disappointed. She scored, I contend, two outers in her last three shots; but she is back on the very centre of the bull with Death on the Nile. It is after that, until the retired but by no means retiring little Belgian chooses to tell us the truth, that we are very angry with ourselves indeed.

When he does so, anger is swallowed up in admiration. The appearance of corpse after corse [sic! It is no less likely than the run of such things in fiction, and is built not with many preliminary falsifications but almost in a single carefully premeditated flash of movement. The Scotsman of 11 November said, "An Agatha Christie story, and especially one with Hercule Poirot applying his 'little grey cells,' is always an event.

It is a matter of opinion whether this author has a superior in giving an unexpected twist to concluding chapters, but it is arguable that she has none. In Death on the Nile , however, the solution of the mystery does not come with all that sudden shock of surprise to which Agatha Christie 'fans' are accustomed.

At least it should not, providing that one carefully reads a certain chapter and is willing to pursue to their ultimate implications certain hints dropped by Poirot. Whether or not the reader will succeed in naming the murderer, by which is meant discovering how the crime was committed, and not just guessing at one of the least likely persons, is another matter.

In any case, here is a problem eminently worth trying to solve. Punshon of The Guardian in his review of 10 December began by saying, "To decide whether a writer of fiction possesses the true novelist's gift it is often a good plan to consider whether the minor characters in his or her book, those to whose creation the author has probably given little thought, stand out in the narrative in their own right as living personalities.

This test is one Mrs. Christie always passes successfully, and never more so than in her new book. Poirot's little grey cells had indeed been obliged to work at full pressure to unravel a mystery which includes one of those carefully worked out alibis that seem alike to fascinate Mrs. Christie and to provide her with the best opportunities for displaying her own skill.

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A fault-finding critic may, however, wonder whether M. Poirot is not growing just a little too fond of keeping to himself such important facts as the bullet-hole in the table. If he is to enjoy all, a reader should also know all.

Usually if you get a good plot there is something wrong with the writing or the characters. But with her — you have everything that makes a first-class book.

Robert Barnard: The familiar marital triangle, set on a Nile steamer. Comparatively little local colour, but some good grotesques among the passengers — of which the film took advantage.

Spies and agitators are beginning to invade the pure Christie detective story at this period, as the slide towards war begins. Agatha Christie adapted the novel into a stage play which opened at the Dundee Repertory Theatre on 17 January [12] under the title of Hidden Horizon and opened in the West End on 19 March under the title Murder on the Nile and on Broadway on 19 September under the same title. A live television version of the novel under the name of Murder on the Nile was presented on 12 July in the US in a one-hour play as part of the series Kraft Television Theatre.

The stars were Guy Spaull and Patricia Wheel. The novel was adapted into a highly successful feature film, released in and starring Jack Warden Dr. Bessner and David Niven Colonel Race.

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Slight plot changes were made to the screenplay, deleting several characters, including Cornelia Robson, Signor Richetti, Joanna Southwood, the Allertons and Mr. Tim Allerton is replaced as Rosalie's love interest by Ferguson. The novel was adapted as a five-part serial for BBC Radio 4 in John Moffatt reprised his role of Poirot.

The serial was broadcast weekly from Thursday, 2 January to Thursday, 30 January at All five episodes were recorded on Friday, 12 July at Broadcasting House. Michael Bakewell Producer: Enyd Williams. This version remained largely faithful to the novel, with some minor changes:. The cast included Emily Blunt as Linnet, J.

The episode was filmed in Egypt. Many of the scenes were filmed on the PS Sudan. References to real life events set this episode in late My Dashboard Get Published. Sign in with your eLibrary Card close. Death on the Nile. Death on the Nile Dust-jacket illustration of the first UK edition. Detective Fiction — the collector's guide: Second Edition Pages 82 and 86 Scholar Press. Fontana Books, Agatha Christie 's Hercule Poirot.

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