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Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Ebook Reader. Download Ebook Reader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad. Mar 13, While some people still buy dedicated e-reader devices, many readers have moved on to smartphones and tablets. Apple's Books (retooled as. Oct 28, A good ebook app offers a convenient experience for reading a good which you can request, download, and read without ever leaving the app. Apple's iBooks app is a compelling option when looking for a free ebook app.

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Mar 12, Check out our favorite third-party ebook reader apps for iOS. It can even search free e-book sites like Project Gutenberg and download what. Feb 19, Tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone as an ebook reader. iBooks is Apple's own e-reading application, but it's not obligatory to use it. If you are an Amazon customer you can download Kindle application. Let's not forget that Apple has their own eBook app too, aptly with your iTunes or Apple ID, so you can always re-download if.

Why iPhone and why not iPad? Sometimes iPad is just one device too much. Reading on the iPhone in a subway or while waiting for a bus can seriously increase the amount of time you devote to book reading. Just like a habit conditioned reflex? The only issue you may have is the size. Do you have a problem with that size while reading a print edition of The New York Times? And much bigger than in a Facebook app.

It has the search function to help you search and save whatever book or PDF online. You are able to rename the books in the download list. It also supports landscape and portrait. It would be toilsome for you to read books on the white background color for a long time. Moreover, it hurts your eyes. With Reader Lite, you can change the background and choose any color you like.

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Another merit of using this free iPhone eBook reader is that if you don't know some words, you can search it in the built-in dictionary of the app. In our test, all these free iPhone eBook readers are the best ones.

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You can pick out the one or the ones you like. Last but not least, if you would like to recover data from iBooks, you may try UltData. Free Download For macOS Sync your eBooks. Online synchronization of your bookmarks, highlights, notes and reading place with all your iOS devices. Importing of 3rd party books.

Group your books in collections. Free classics at your fingertips immediately. Online backup - your online ebook library is always accessible, so anytime you get a new phone, your books are ready to download from your eBooks.

This app was convenient to download the PDF, it saves my place, I can read how I want, and it allows me to take notes and highlight. The Kindle seemed to only allow notes and highlights on their "official" downloads, and if I backed out of the program it did not keep the file.

Quick guide to using iPhone as e-reader

I also prefer the way the pages link together vertically so that I can smoothly transition between pages without having to do a sudden switch to horizontal swiping after scrolling vertically the whole page. Minus a star because sometimes highlighting can be awkward, and it's too easy to accidentally erased a highlight if two passages are close together, but that's a minor annoyance.

This app for the win.

Would be awesome if an update allowed for highlights of multiple colors! I have found online, what can be an exhausting experience trying one reader and then another, the satisfaction in finding a comprehensive display eBook reader.

Often, for me, the search has ended in further frustrations finding readers apps that are almost always accompanied with certain idiosyncrasies, a mixture of certain inconsistent rules that do not fit most all our varied choices. So far, in the 4 months of using this app on my iPad 3, this app has performed without fault.

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I deliberate on so many different subjects offered, that having a reader that does not have these common bugs so far in my experience , it is a delight to have the confidence that what I download will nest itself in such a worthy reader.

How I do desire that they would allow a search for titles or better yet displaying the titles with authors in single sentence list. Even a single sentence display list would be less annoying then to have to scroll through the vast collections of items I have imbedded into the reader. If you have not tried it, do!

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If your a stickler for reliability, you'll be impressed. I have an iPhone XR and find it frustrating that to be able to get a larger font, the top line of the page disappears into the notch.


I have to pull down the screen to read that line. I enlarged the font because the default size is around a 9.

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Small fonts are one of the reasons I moved to digital books as they can be so hard to read. Otherwise, so far, the app is ok although I love my other reading app used for libraries. This is for books I need to purchase for my book club that the library may not have in digital format. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.