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Love on the Edge: Going Too Far and Forget You ePub (Adobe DRM). Love on the Love Story ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Jennifer Echols. Love Story. Love Story book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. She's writing about him. He's writing about her. And everybody is r. Love Story. Home · Love Story Author: Jennifer Echols. 8 downloads 96 Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB · Love Story · Read more · Love Story.

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I sometimes think 2D secondary characters are perfect in certain books, yet they needed to be more fleshed out here to help carry the burden of the flailing story I felt like reading this was like reading a warm-up to a real story. When I finished I thought: My review feels a bit muddled and I think that is because I am still muddled about this book.

Can't wait to see what you guys think: View all 27 comments.

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Oct 09, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: If there is one author that I can constantly fangirl, it's Jennifer Echols. I simply LOVE all of her books. I absolutely adore a good love story and Jennifer Echols is the master of amour! I loved their literary battle I just wish those two wouldn't have been so stubborn! I could have had some steaminess from the start, but nooooo I had to wait. I love it that way, but at the same time the tension is killer! We don't exactly know the history of Erin and Hunter but through their stories in class we get to discover the intimacies of their past Another great thing about this novel is that it was set in Erin's freshman year of college And the aspect of the creative writing class, I ate that UP!

I want to read Erin's romance novel! Fans of Echol's will fall in love with this novel! I know I did! View all 3 comments. Apr 19, Agnieska a. Gut rated it did not like it Shelves: It was way to easy to predict for my liking. I could easily skip pages or even chapters and there still wouldn't be any problem with catching up with events. To be honest, this book for me was just telenovela written down and put in New York.

The thing is - I hate telenovelas! But at least it was written okay, so it was quite fast and easy to read, even if I wasn't enjoying. I really don't want insult the author or reader, who enjoyed this story. However, for me "Love story" was just one 1,5 star. By chapter 10 nothing had happened yet and in all book nothing impressed me. Actually there was one thin. In page of Lithuanian version Erin got hit by a taxi and that was the best scene in all book.

I have to admit that in page I wanted a bus to hit so bad that I almost threw the book thru the damn window. For my big surprise after three pages I got what I wanted! I loved that: One more thing.

I thought will be more to those stories they written to eacth other. I mean, they where there for as to see, but didn't effected me. I just felt like key point or normal explanaition about them was missing. Full review: Sep 27, kari rated it liked it Shelves: Sort of a swing and a miss for me. This one never really got going. What really bugs me is an entire story that centers around that fact that if these two people had just had one honest conversation that there wouldn't be a story.

It feels too much like manufactured drama just for the sake of drama. Erin bothered me a lot with her I think I love Hunter, but how can I since I hate him for stealing my life. Yet even so, I get all hot and bothered when he's around, but I must remember to not like hi Sort of a swing and a miss for me. Yet even so, I get all hot and bothered when he's around, but I must remember to not like him, even though I kind of do. I don't like that he firts with all the other girls, but I won't really allow him to flirt with me either and I must keep it a secret that we know each other for no real reason.

I wondered at times if I was missing pages as they would be having a conversation after some smooching and she'd think we hate each other again after we just decided we liked each other and I'd think when did that happen? Did I miss something? You're getting to know each other again so each sentence that comes out isn't going to be poetry, but he says one thing and she decides they hate each other.

I felt very confused and not in a good way, not in the way that the character is confused and you're joining in with that feeling, but that I was outside of it all and simply wasn't connecting and getting what was going on.

I felt that a girl who was so terribly serious about her writing would not have used it in the way she did, to get back at him, to push at him, to hurt him. I found that to be fairly stupid on her part. The ending was fairly abrupt and fairly unsatisfying, but all in all, it's an okay read, although not Echols best. Just my opinion. I feel sad that I don't like this one better as I like Echols writing style.

Feb 13, Haleema rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was a pain to read at some parts. Other parts were tolerable. The most annoying aspect of this book was the narrator. She was so uptight, annoying, and Erin bored me with her dialogue. Her narration was slow and drowned in unnecessary details. It was all too dull and boring. It tempted me to get out my upholstered chair. However, I decided not to get up from my upholstered chair. Hunter was okay. I don't have much of an opinion on him. Yes, he is incredibly gorgeous and has a bravado like no other.

Yes, that's very enticing. He's a golden beast, with his blonde tresses, and long eyelashes. That's remarkable. The only concept I liked by Echols was the fact that the main characters were writing about each other through their stories. I found that a little touching. It was something I've never read about before. Oh, yes. The title is the best thing that's ever happened to this book Love Story It could not have gotten more creative than that.

Good night, people.

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Dec 25, Bailey rated it did not like it. At first I thought this book was really great. Hunter seemed like a really cool guy and Erin didn't annoy me completely. The other characters seemed well developed too. But towards the end when they went back to Kentucky, I felt that Hunter didn't really care about Erin's feeling towards her grandmother and her father, and that Erin was too naive about the whole situation.

I also just really hated it when Erin found out about the whole agreement between her grandmother and Hunter but she didn't At first I thought this book was really great. I also just really hated it when Erin found out about the whole agreement between her grandmother and Hunter but she didn't confront him or her about it and used him like she thought he was using her.

I'm still not exactly sure if he used her because that wasn't clear at all. And then she had to go and write that last story just to piss him off which his ridiculously childish and too high school considering they are supposed to be going to a big hotshot New York college. The ending just really sucked because they didn't even try to resolve their issues and then she's all cool with going back to Kentucky with him. I just felt like their problems were too juvenile and they could have been resolved if they just talked to each other instead of tiptoeing around in the stories and then getting pissed at each other if the other person didn't understand or took it the wrong way.

The story thing was good in theory and sounded really great but it just wasn't executed well for me at least. This book was just really disappointing for me because I thought the beginning was really awesome but then it just got too high school and annoying.

I dive into books to get away from the typical high school life and to enjoy a fantasy and I didn't really escape high school with this book. May 21, Lucy rated it liked it Shelves: I'm just getting my feet wet reading contemporary romance and this book caught my eye. Love Story is a sweet romance that is a perfect summer read. With the fast pace and fresh, interesting story device and characters, summer readers will finish this book before the sun goes down.

Erin grew up in Kentucky with her grandmother and their racehorse farm. She has big dreams to become a writer in New York, much to her grandmother's dismay.

When Erin leaves to go to school in New York as a Creative Writing major, her grandmother cuts her off financially in favor of the stable boy, Hunter, who has agreed to take over the farm business. Then, surprise, Hunter shows up at the same college and creative writing class as Erin. Hunter picks the most inopportune moment to walk into class, just as Erin is reading the class a steamy romantic story starring the "stable boy.

Erin and Hunter have plenty of family history and bad blood between them to overcome. They become reacquainted through their stories as well as outside of class. Now the tables have turned and Hunter is the one with the free ride while Erin struggles to make ends meet as she dines on peanut butter crackers.

My favorite part of the book is the creative writing class. I loved the stories that Hunter and Erin wrote and the creative way they told their shared history. Each of the characters gets to share a story with the class on alternating weeks and it is read and critiqued by peers.

Erin and Hunter use this opportunity to send a message to the other through their romantic, funny, or tragic story. The peer critiques and responses are very interesting too, especially as they debate the merits of romantic stories for a creative writing class.

Erin and Hunter are interesting characters, and they have the perfect amount of tension and chemistry between them. Hunter is a charismatic love interest, and Erin is hard working and focused on her goals. They both are coming to terms with their self-identity. The issues they face are ones many readers can relate to such as family relationships, career hopes and fears, and first love.

The many layers of the story kept my interest level high. I didn't love the ending of the book and felt it was a bit rushed.

But, overall I found the story and the characters engaging. Recommended for fans of Jennifer Echols and contemporary romance, Love Story is a good choice for your summer reading. Oct 01, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was ok Shelves: After the tragic accident that killed her mother, Erin Blackwell has lived on her grandmother's multi-million dollar racehorse farm in Kentucky.

While her grandmother has always insisted Erin do a business degree in order to take over the family business, Erin decides instead to pursue her desire to write with an arts degree in New York City. In retaliation, her grandmother makes the stableboy, Hunter Allen, heir to the farm and bestows upon him the means to do the business degree.

Meanwhile, Er After the tragic accident that killed her mother, Erin Blackwell has lived on her grandmother's multi-million dollar racehorse farm in Kentucky. Meanwhile, Erin is living the life of a poor student, supplementing her scholarship with meagre wages from cafes.

Since Hunter is at the same university as Erin, she knew their paths would cross at some point, but she never expected to have him transfer into her creative writing class - on the very day the students are reading her short story, a historical romance where a socialite develops a clandestine relationship with the stable boy. Fearful that Hunter will reveal that he is Erin's stableboy, thus losing her a coveted internship at a publishing house, Erin must talk to him.

But even with his promise not to tell, it's clear from his short story that he has a message for her. As their stories go back and forth, and Erin finds herself in his company more and more, it's clear that there's something going on with Hunter that has nothing to do with her grandmother's racehorse farm. That was last year. Since the novel opens with Erin's first short story, "Almost a Lady", it failed to pull me in and after a page I put it aside. I did that a few more times before finally committing myself to reading it.

Unfortunately, that initial impression held true for the rest of the book. I wanted to like this so much more than I did. It was about university-aged kids, for a start, and I've always felt that the university years get strangely ignored in fiction in general.

It was about writing, which I could completely relate to - though I realised I know little about the American university system, because all Erin's references to being in the "honors program" made me think at first that she was a fourth year student. And I thought that the premise and structure of Love Story had immense promise and potential - combined with horses, and I thought it was going to be a book I'd love.

Sadly, not the case at all. Ultimately, the word that comes to mind in describing this book is "mess". Love Story was a more complicated plot than the other two, though it really didn't need to be - the plot was loose, unravelling, messy, confusing and quite frankly didn't seem to know what was going on. I felt the same way. Between trying to figure out what the big deal was with Erin's grandmother and the horse farm, and what kind of prior relationship she'd had with Hunter before university, if any, and what all the back and forth was all about.

I honestly couldn't understand what was going on, now , because I didn't know what had happened - if anything - before. That didn't have to be a problem, but the way Erin narrates, the cryptic comments and weird impressions and all her subtext readings were like red herrings. I spent most of the novel waiting: If you look at it another way, though, Erin is a perfect example of the unreliable narrator, whose perspective is skewed by her own personality and her own interpretations of things.

Added to this is her mostly negative impressions of Hunter which unsuccessfully hide the fact that she's practically obsessed with him. In turn, Hunter is something of an enigma for most of the book, but the true Hunter comes through despite Erin's red herrings - though his comments about her playing at being a poor girl, while there's a reason for them, made him come across as a real arsehole. Actually, a lot of Hunter's scenes make him look like an arse, though by the end of the book I was more sympathetic towards him than I was Erin which says a lot about how annoying Erin became , because the reader is able to see past Erin's misinterpretations and hang-ups to the real boy, and since we don't get his internal monologuing, he get to see what he's going through rather than just being told.

In fact, we're not told a whole lot in regards to him - nothing much trustworthy, anyway. And the whole horse farm thing, and Erin's yearning for a father who was a lazy bum who physically assaulted her mother on numerous occasions when they lived with him in California, most of that didn't make sense to me.

Yes so she has daddy issues, but with her memories of him hitting her mum, and being the indirect cause of the accident that killed her, why does she still wish he would come for her? Don't answer that, I know, he's the only parent she's got, she's lonely, and who doesn't want to be loved by their parents? It makes sense when I think about it, but it doesn't make sense the way it's presented in the story. Likewise the horse farm thing - I couldn't tell, and still can't, whether she's actually upset that her grandmother disinherited her, pissed off that Hunter "stole" it she refers to it that way many times, and yet it rings hollow , etc.

Story jennifer epub download echols love free

She loves horses and riding and has a natural gift for the races or, rather, a lot of experience , but her motivations and reasoning just didn't gel with other parts of her character to the extent that I couldn't understand what she actually wanted. Some of the debates in Erin's creative writing class could have been really good; they certainly started out that way.

Since Erin's first story was an out-and-out romance, and the first person to critique it was a boy who dismissed it as trash not worthy of the course, there was a real opening for some interesting debate. Likewise with the other stories that are included here. But their conversations were disappointing, or not included at all, and often disintegrated into immature jokes.

I know, it's first year uni, and more realistic than what I was hoping for, but it was just one more thing to be disappointed by. I found that most of the issues brought up in this novel were skirted in the same kind of way, leaving me with little to grasp. The ending was abrupt, especially considering how many misunderstandings between Erin and Hunter it follows, and nothing was really resolved. I found myself very surprised that Echols' editor didn't advise further revisions to make this a tighter, better fleshed out, more smoothly coherent story.

View all 7 comments. Mar 22, Anna Fhaumnuaypol rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this soon!

I finished this book in less than a day. It was indeed a light and quick read. Can I first mention how much I like the girl on the cover of this book? I don't know why, but there is something about her eyes, it looks so warm and gentle yet so playful and cunning. Okay Anna, back to the point. This book is about Erin Blackwell, a girl whose grandmother owns a farmhouse and who is apparently very rich but give up her inheritance because of her love for romance writing. She is ambitious to major in creative writing in New York which opposes to her grandmother's hope of Erin taking over her business.

And well, her grandmother is furious and gives the promised inheritance to handsome 'stable-boy' Hunter Allen. Now, Erin is living in New York City on peanut butter crackers, does not own a cellphone, eat ramen noodles and work her butt off to keep her academic work going and to survive in the city by serving lattes at the coffee shop. She is supposed to hate Hunter for stealing her birthright and owning a Rolex watch when she can't even afford a mobile phone.

However, Erin finds herself writing about him, her 'stable-boy', on her very first writing assignment in her creative writing class. Suddenly, he walks into the room, joins the class and finds out that he is in her story.

Things get more complicated as the book reveals Erin's painful memories about her parents. As when her love for Hunter is starting to grow more intense and as when Hunter is showing more obvious sign of his love for her, she finds out that the reason why Hunter is always around -- her grandmother. She overhears a conversation between Hunter and her grandmother, she insists Hunter to keep tabs on Erin and that just ruins the whole romance. Erin feels used and betrayed.

Just when they both confess their love for each other, she finds out all is just an act of him trying to be closer to her and convince Erin to change her mind to major in Business not English for her grandmother's sake. Well, spoilers alert! This book does have a happy ending, thankfully. I cannot bear a sad ending after hours of reading it. I recommend this book to people that like realistic romance novels that are not way too cheesy and dramatic.

Edit 2: About 4 hours later after finishing the book, I have to admit that this book has really left me feeling so good about life and love. It's such a feel-good read, left readers a hopeless romantic like me!

Love Story

It really wakes my inner hopeless romantic trait and now I'm listening to Taylor Swift songs and feeling so giggly and shy for the thought of Hunter's presence who unfortunately does not exist.

I like how a book is able to make you feel an emotion even after finishing it for hours. Aug 17, Is rated it did not like it. Oh my poor heart, oh my poor expectations. Where was that quote, " No expectations, no disappointments. Jennifer Echols, what happened? Where you on a deadline and just seemed to write anything, honestly?

I feel really bad giving this story one star, but even that is a lot. Honestly, I did have expectations towards this story. It had so much potential. We not only have a story but stories upon a story. Oh, and 'steamy' stories, but no, they were poorly written stories.

First off, I did not get this story, at all. Second, I couldn't connect with any of the characters. Finally, that ending. A 'what the freak? Maybe my format missed some pages?

In we have Erin, a poor little red-head girl living in New York City, and to match this we have Hunter, a blond little jackass now turned rich.

Never before have I not like a love interest the way a loathed Hunter. I'm sorry, sue me, torch me, whatever me, but for the life of me I couldn't fall for Hunter, and I didn't have the slightest clue why Erin did. That stable boy story didn't seem that bad to me, so, incidentally I didn't find his grounds for being mad at Erin.

Everyone, and I mean everyone seem to fall in love with our oh so charming Hunter. I swear. Understandably, you would gather that Erin, being strong willed and stubborn and all around independently-she is in fact in NYC struggling against the world to study-to resist his 'charms' and just stand up to him,right?

Well, we get the bloody opposite. We, actually, get a wowen who can't resist him no matter how much of a jerk he is, he just has to stand close to her, touch her, or just as much as glance her way and she melts away. Fifty Shades anyone? Naturally, you would suspect that for some inexplicable reason she has fallen for this asshole.

Wait for it They aren't even friends. And she keeps looking for this 'connection' but he keeps being asshole Hunter and ruins it. The plot continues with them writing this horrible stories that honestly at first where interesting but then got annoying. Really irritating. Along the way, we meet more assholes like Manohar, who has is it against her romance stories.

Which, by the way, never gets explained. Like most of the story, the problem with her grandmother never gets resolved, neither her problem with the father. Hunter just tells her, "Up," and up she goes, liking his feet along the way. No resolving, whatsoever. Hunter, I hate you. Erin, I hate you. Manohar, I hate you. Gabe, I hate you. Book, I hate you. Aug 09, Christy rated it it was ok. I'm annoyed. What I got instead was a half formed idea that could have been good but was never able to overcome the novel's faults.

The main character, Erin, was ok. Not nearly as engaging as some of Echols' other protagonists, but ok. Where Echols' other protagonists stood up for themselves or pushed back or were sharp witted and en I'm annoyed. Where Echols' other protagonists stood up for themselves or pushed back or were sharp witted and engaging, Erin was too much of a damsel in distress. For all of her talk of how much she was on her own and how much she had become this tough independent person, she spent a lot of time letting Hunter "save" her.

Which brings me to Hunter. This has bothered me in past books, but not nearly as much as it bothered me in this one. My hackles were first raised when Hunter, the romantic interest, insists on being the one to cut open Erin's tube of face cream with a very sharp knife. It would be one thing if he were like "Hey, here let me do this for you" but he's all "No! Erin can't use a very sharp knife!

She might hurt herself! She is a girl after all. Then there's the fact that she wakes up, not once, but twice to him packing her suitcase to head home. OH, AND he tricks her into going home by telling her that her absentee father is going to be there. Overall he comes off as manipulative, weird, creepy and stalkery. Especially since the two haven't been friends for six years. Then there's the Grandmother. To be fair, Echols has created an interesting world in Kentucky. And there's all this drama about Erin being cut off and never dealing with the death of her mother, but it's NEVER actually addressed!

Hunter tells her she needs to go home and hash things out with her Grandmother, but we never see that. I guess we're supposed to assume it happens, but I wanted actually see it. I think this is another overall flaw in Echols' work. In each of the books I've read, there is always a controlling or manipulative adult parental figure, and they are always central to the protagonist's emotional issues.

When the end of the book rolls around, they are either dealt with amazingly easy or brushed off. I got to the end of the book and kept thinking there had to be more. It wouldn't just end, right? But alas, it does. Echols missed the mark on this one. Apr 18, Elisabeth Cole rated it did not like it. I actually double checked the cover of this book after I started it, thinking I had mistaken and it wasn't by Jennifer Echols!

I've never run into an author whose writing style was so different from book to book. The characters were done well and the writing was so crisp it was like I was there. The characters were flat and made no sense at all. I started thinking maybe it was book 2 in a series and I had missed the backstory but that wasn't the case.

See a Problem?

The story was boring and there were no sparks. The ending just petered out with no resolution. Did Jennifer Echols write this book on a dare? Like "I bet I can write one draft of a book in 24 hours and people will pay to read it!

You will be disappointed. I thought I had found an author that was going to be a favorite of mine but after reading this I won't take the chance and pay for another of her books. Jun 28, Fred rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm going to start rereading this again tonight on my way home, because a it's worth it, there's lots to sink your teeth into, and it's a great story; and b , as usual, in my what happens next frenzy, I feel like I missed enjoying a lot of the subtleties, the foreshadowing and the imagery that I saw from the corner of my eye as I zoomed by on my plot driven rampage.

One of the many things I like about Jennifer Echols' more serious books although I love those Simon Pulse romcoms, too! Why is this image used here, what does the setting tell us about the characters and their story, that kind of thing. I'm no literary critic or even an astute student, but I am a good reader who likes to think about those kind of things, like the bridge in Going Too Far, that was such a crucial plot point as well as a symbol for the characters' feelings and their relationship.

So, in this book, I thought the choice of a horse farm was really brilliant, and the horses themselves in the abstract, it's not like Walter Farley or something, and most of the book is set in NYC were such an important part of understanding Erin and Hunter.

But the idea that "that's just the way they are," doesn't make them less scary, really now, does it? For Hunter and that's a kind of horse, right? I haven't exactly figured out why, on the first day of class, his "horse drawing," doesn't include an actual horse, but rather a cluster of images of tack associated with a horse, but I think this was a big clue to his ambivalence at best about them, and what they represented to him.

It's cool to contrast that with Erin's drawing, which also tries to represent not so much an actual horse as the feeling of freedom in motion. So Erin's relationship to Hunter seemed to share some of the characteristics of her feelings about horses: I enjoyed the way this was written, too, with Erin and Hunter's class assignments interspersed.

They were fun to read, they added variety to the tone in a fun and sometimes mysterious way, they moved the story forward, and provided lots of insight and backstory in a clever and interesting way without being all expository.

So all in all, a rich reading experience with lots of emotion, expressed through many different levels of story, image, character and wonderfully chosen words.

So yup, definitely worth rereading! View all 11 comments. May 23, Racquel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review also posted on my blog: The reason I wasn't overly excited is because I saw a lot of people didn't love it. Sure everyone liked it but it wasn't there with the love crowd but let me tell you, to me Love Story was is a one heck of a lovely story! I loved the premise of the story.

I think it's very original and I have never read anything remotely similar to the whole 'she's writing about him an Review also posted on my blog: I think it's very original and I have never read anything remotely similar to the whole 'she's writing about him and he's writing about her' scenario and who doesn't love originality?

There is only so much of the immaturity of the younger teens I can take before wanting to blow my brains out and that is the exact same reason why I like reading adult contemporaries even though I'm a teen myself.

Because I simply get tired of YA and it's silly drama yes, even if it's saving the world! One thing I really appreciate is how nothing is revealed from page one. Some books start off with "Hi, my name is Cheetah and I'm going to tell you the story of why Leopard and I hate Puma because she killed Lion. That's what the summary is for! I like things to gradually unfold on their on pace. We slowly figured out the past behind Hunter and Erin through their stories and we knew more when Erin explained to her friends.

All the telling and showing happened on it's own pace. Thank you Echols! Also since this is called Love Story, I should mention the love story. Cheers to no insta-love! Echols didn't just let the details play out on their own but also the love story.

I saw the relationship grow and fall between Hunter and Erin, my heart went out for them and skipped a beat at their intimacy. It was magical. Echols knows what she's writing about with the teenage world and while the book started just good for me, it turned to be amazing.

Another masterpiece from Jennifer Echols. Round of applause please. My rating: A definite 5 heart read, if you're a fan of contemporary you will be a fan of this book! Wow was this book shit! This is the first Jennifer Echols books I have read and was very excited to read this based on the Title and the Description. Well let's just say this is the farthest thing from a "Love Story" I have read. The book started off great and I was so enthralled and could not wait to read more.

Then it completely fizzled and became boring with nothing happening but the same day to day stuff. Their was no advancing in the story, then when the climax happened I thought 'finally we Wow was this book shit! Their was no advancing in the story, then when the climax happened I thought 'finally we are getting somewhere' only to be knocked down again with another barrier. That's when I discovered how much I didn't like Erin and that she was desperate and not a strong female lead at all.

In the end we started off exactly where we were in the beginning with none of the questions answered. What was the point then? Buy a paper book. Imperfect Love Story by Rachael Brownell. Unexpected Love Story by Natasha Madison.

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