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Directly adding an ebook download to your WordPress posts is is a powerful and extremely easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin. Description. Ebook Store Plugin for WordPress is a tool that allows you to sell, watermark, encrypt and deliver by email and/or download ebooks to your. Adding WordPress ebook or WordPress PDF downloads appreciate the opportunity to download your ebooks and read them. Simply upload this plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it for further controls.

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They will then receive a protected eBook download link. You can choose between two popular WordPress eBook store plugins: WooCommerce. Download our free WordPress plugins ebook now and learn which plugins you should consider to extend and expand the functionality of your. list of best Free WordPress plugins for managing your Digital files such as Ebook It adds several features like Password Protection,simple download counter.

This is the complete guide to listing and selling digital eBooks in WordPress. See a WordPress eBook library in action on our plugin demo page. Our WordPress eBook plugins are ideal because you can list lots of digital books on each page. You can even include extra data about each eBook such as the author, blurb, image, publisher, year — whatever you like! Method 1 is about creating a digital library of eBooks.

I am very interested in only renting access to ePub books that I publish for a very low monthly fee to church organists - many of whom are volunteers and cannot buy my printed book or downloads.

Can using your software permit them to only read the books while their subscription remains active? Hi Noel, this would only work if the ebooks are published on a page on your website, as you can create an account for them, restrict it using a membership plugin or similar, and restrict their account after it expires. If the user downloads them to their device then there's no straightforward way to restrict access after their subscription expires.

HI katie I'm very interested, but we have more information about that, we need create online library for all books and paper related to engineering, we are member in Jordan Engineering Association and need create free online book for engineers and students as a reference. Thanks Alot. Hi Mohammad, yes it should be perfect for what you have described.

It sounds like you will need our Posts Table Pro plugin. You would then list them in a table using Posts Table Pro. If your online book is free then you can just add the information about it in the usual way and upload the actual file to the Media Library.

You can then link to it by following the instructions in the 'Next, add eBooks to the library' section of the above tutorial.

If you have any more specific questions about how it would work for your project, you're welcome to email us at support barn2. Hi, thanks for sharing this information but does it use PDF format like uploading PDF file for download or just in a text format?

Hi Daemon, you can choose what format files to upload including PDF's.

Download plugin ebook wordpress

In addition, you will also add text to describe the file and make it easy to find and purchase on your website - but the downloadable eBook file that people receive after buying the eBook can be any format including PDF. Both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have a range of options for how you deliver the ebook to people after purchasing.

Download plugin ebook wordpress

In either case, you could create a hidden page on your site and publish the book on there. Make sure it is blocked from search engines and not visible to public visitors to your website. When someone buys the book, they will receive a link to that page instead of a link to download the ebook. I have a question Can I set up an ebook store like this but have the authors add their own books to the site.? Like a membership site where authors join and then add their own books with my approval.

Hi Cris, I think I already answered your question on YouTube but will answer here too in case it helps other people. Yes, you can do that by following the instructions in this video alongside the extra instructions in our other tutorial, https: This tells you how authors can use the Gravity Forms plugin to submit and add their own content, and then you can display them using our Posts Table Pro or WooCommerce Product Table plugins.

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Send me new blog posts and tutorials by email. Ultimate Guide: Jump straight to the instructions for the method you need: Method 1 — Create an eBook library with downloadable books, e.

PDF links This is a non-ecommerce option, as people can download the eBooks directly from the list, without having to buy them individually. Method 2 — Build an e-commerce eBook library This is a full e-commerce option, where people can view your eBooks in a table and purchase each one individually.

They will then receive a protected eBook download link. You can choose between two popular WordPress eBook store plugins: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Perfecting your eBook library Whether you use Method 1 or 2, use this section to add the finishing touches that will make your eBook digital library a success. Method 1 has two straightforward steps: Use this to create a custom post type for your eBooks: This should be 1 word lowercase, e. This adds a useful extra field which you can display in the digital library using the WordPress eBook plugin.

Tick the options that you want to use to sort and filter the contents of your eBook library. For example, if you intend to organize your eBooks using tags and categories then you need to tick these boxes. Add each eBook as a separate post in this section of WordPress: Title — add the eBook title to the top of the page.

Categories and tags — add any categories or tags that will let people sort and filter the eBook in the digital library. This will probably be an image of the eBook front cover or author. Content — I recommend using the main content field for adding a downloadable link or button to the eBook. You can display this using the WordPress eBook plugin in Step 2.

15 Best WordPress eBook Collections For Beginners to Learn WordPress in 2017

This will add a clickable link to the eBook into the content field. The link text will be the filename — you can reword it to anything you like. Your theme might include a button shortcode that you can use, or you can create buttons using a plugin such as Shortcodes Ultimate.

The WordPress eBook plugin can include this as a column in the table. Create any extra fields for your eBook library If you need to include any additional fields in your eBook then you can do this by creating custom fields and taxonomies.

Posts Table Pro Create your eBook digital library or store today! Walter January 3, Reply.

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Katie Keith March 15, Reply. Cris March 31, Reply. With plugins, the possibilities are endless. Want to display local weather on your site?

There are plugins for that. There are plugins for that, too. Want to use shortcodes or live chat on your site? Perform backups or add charts and graphs? Embed a slideshow or audio file?

Or launch an ecommerce store? There are plugins that help you do all of that!

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This book provides an overview of some of the best and most useful WordPress plugins in a variety of categories based on personal experiences, research, stats, and overall popularity.