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Until one cataclysmic day in Mumbai, when she finally breaks free Bold, brazen and defiant, Sitas Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the A faint line of moisture trickled down the centre of her fulsome breasts, pausing for. Sita s curse epub download nook. Thousands of NOOK Books available just under $ and over 1 million free. Download today and read instantly! Customer. Sita's Curse Ebook Free -- DOWNLOAD.

It was light outside. The streetlights blurred in the sun. Someone had forgotten to switch them off as usual. Tiny particles of auto-emitted dust crept in from a discoloured window that overlooked a cramped by-lane flanked by an open drain. Like yesterday and the day before, and all the days before that, the early morning stench was steadily on the rise. Asha Tai, the old, raspy-voiced flower-seller whose neck veins turned bluish-green as she pleaded in her peculiarly nasal tone, with dishevelled housewives in their crumpled early morning saris, to purchase her flowers for their morning prayers, had also fallen silent. Her arms flung over her head, Meera sprawled out on her hard wooden bed, twitching on her bare back as a faded green, mirror-work cushion callously chafed her inner thighs.

She always took off her bra at night. A sharp sunbeam shimmered over her arched frame at that moment — like an old longing, reignited. With her left index finger, Meera dreamily began to caress her nipples, one by one. Her head lolled backward. With every passing second, this morning was growing more intimate, feeling grown-up all of a sudden. Or maybe it was the way she always felt at the beginning of things. She fell back among the pillows once again.

Oh, to let go… to not look back; making that one last bid, before everything was washed asunder… like a boat leaving the tranquil shores on a stormy night. Meera kicked off the block-printed chaddar — a gift from Mrs Deshmukh downstairs — her breath suddenly roughish; a collision of callous cravings. Drawing up her knees, she clumsily positioned the. As her fingers gathered momentum on her breasts, she pressed the cushion tighter between her thighs, moaning softly as its rough edges abraded her insides.

Turning her defences to liquid dust; her nipples ripe. Like Asha Tai inspecting a garland before she quoted a price, Meera dreamily opened her eyes and studied her hand before she sucked gently on her right thumb, stroking herself below her navel with her left… at the same time. A part of her was already floating by then… lithe… like the paper boats Chhotu drifted in the drain below.

From time to time, she dragged the cushion upwards; rubbing herself against it… faster, more frantically… her lips throbbing in the slow heat trapped between these four walls. Somewhere in Mumbai, the rains were coming down hard. Meera could smell the saltiness of them up close; her eyes rolled back slowly, like a blind man smiling serenely at a fading sun; reaching out from a place inside. Lifting up her petticoat she peeled away the layers, her sari cascading off the crumpled bedsheet like a riverine tributary — dark, dense, desolate.

And why the hell is the bedroom door bolted? Do you know what time it is, huh? Meera hung her head over the edge of the bed. It was some minutes past nine, she sluggishly calculated, her eyelids opening and closing.

Soon, her husband Mohan would depart for work — clutching a cloth folder and a small leather bag, his car key-chain dangling from his front trouser pocket. Meera ignored his rants as she shivered lusciously, shoving in her entire right hand, drenched in dampness… rewarded by the rites of passage… at the ease with which it was transferred to her.

She was soaring. Folding her legs like Goddess Lakshmi seated on a half open lotus, she clenched one corner of the chaddar with her teeth — to hold on when the descent finally began… when it would…. Turning weightless.

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Finally, a rainy, flooded day in Mumbai changes her life. The title of the book and the blurb misled me into thinking that this was a feminist story — a woman breaking free of all the oppression around her. Only much later did I realize that the genre was erotica but even then, I had high expectations.


Broadly speaking, this seems like the screenplay of a C grade Hindi movie, like the ones that get screened in shady movie halls in the corner of a town or village. Meera is so beautiful that she has the men of the colony thronging the streets when she walks. Even the gigolo ends up getting smitten by her. Unfortunately, she is just as obsessed with herself and comes across as callous and unscrupulous.

After a point, you get tired of reading about all the sex Meera has which is quite boring and just want the story to move on. And she does get a lot of action with practically everyone; no one is spared, not her brother, her cousin, her dance teacher, her second dance teacher, the family Guruji etc. There are also some cringe-worthy conversations with her Mother, Mother in law and her husband, the bra salesman.

Among all these, there are a few digs at the hypocritical Indian society, but by then you are just tired of hearing about how much she loves chest hair on men.

The title of the book is surprising, since other than the fact that she played Sita at Dussehra every year in her village, there is no relation between the plot and the title. By now, you must have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the book. You are free to give it a try, of course, but my recommendation would be to stay away. View all 10 comments. May 16, Janaki rated it did not like it.

Curse free download epub sitas

Very disappointing considering the hype. Described as the story of a middle-class Indian housewife's urgent need for love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment Love, respect and acceptance seems to get drowned in the deluge. View 2 comments. May 18, Anupama Ma rated it it was ok. Spoilers ahead. But hey, this is not the kind of book you read for the plot. The ordinary girl from the village.

The girl who starts off her sexual journey with incest, moves on to underage discovery, graduates to doing it with a stranger on a riverbank, experiments with another woman and finally gets into that supposedly loveless marriage. The husband of course is ,well, inadequate. The husband, inconsistent wimpy creature that 'After 15 years of a loveless marriage The husband, inconsistent wimpy creature that he is, tries hard.

He really tries. He tries at home, he tries in a movie theater, he tries on the public road behind a parked car. He tries. He even calls her up in the middle of the day and has a very contrived, shudderworthy conversation describing various pieces of imported lingerie.

The poor man. But hello, what about love shove and all that. In between the extremely graphic scenes a bit of story happens. And then she has Guruji sex, indulges in icky voyeurism thanks to the lustworthy brother-in-law and his wife , lots of self pleasuring and some more. And then some more. That's not all. She moves on to have sex with the hot dance teacher neighbour and then enjoys some cliched partying with classmates from here English class. And finally she ushers in the internet era and discovers the pleasures of cyber sex using webcams in paid chatrooms.

Oh, the book doesn't disappoint, these scenes come complete with graphic chats with mumbailover well researched, I assume. And that that cataclysmic day finally happens with the earth shaking climax: A gigolo who completes her search for whatever she is searching for. What more can a woman trapped in a loveless marriage ask for? Yes, the book is not meant to titillate. It is meant to make you cringe. No, I'm not a prude. I'm so 'modern' that I was even disappointed with the level of erotica in the 50 Shades books.

But this book is pure ick. I have no other words to describe it. Written in first person, it makes it even more icky. There's so much of sex that towards the end, I skimmed through the scenes just to get to the damn story. You know those sleazy websites like indian sax stories dot com how do I know? Those websites that have 'true' stories born out of suppressed fantasies written in really bad grammar?

Curse free sitas download epub

This book is like a compilation of all those stories, but with the grammar and spellings corrected. Complete with backless cholis and conveniently slipping pallus. Where does she come in?

I don't know. She is plugged into the book in a few places, but I don't understand the connection. Maybe I should read between the sheets. I have half a mind to call in the culturebrigade and outrage about misusing Sita's name. I couldn't digest it. But maybe you can. View all 4 comments. May 19, Soumya Prasad rated it did not like it. Sita's Curse is the story of a girl named Meera and traces the journey of her life from childhood to adulthood.

Born to her parents, after three miscarriages, she did not come into the world alone. Kartik, her twin brother is her soul mate, in every other term that we will find out later. Married at the age of nineteen to a man twelve years older than her, the need for her sexual fulfillment forms the story.

Meera is clearly the heroine here, even if there is a chapter by that name dedicated sol Sita's Curse is the story of a girl named Meera and traces the journey of her life from childhood to adulthood. Meera is clearly the heroine here, even if there is a chapter by that name dedicated solely to her in the book. The prologue starts of with a masturbation scene, where in Meera is lying on her bed enjoying her pleasures as her husband and his family are knocking on the door to her bedroom, along with a parrot constantly screeching out "Ram Ram".

Her self indulging act is described with vivid detail, as her fingers reach every inch of her own body. As she folds her leg to sit up as she reaches her climax, the author chooses to call her 'Goddess Lakshmi seated on a half open lotus'.

Meera's act in the introduction of the book clearly is responsible for the sales of this book. Indian authors have been always known to rely on sex to build up a story, pre-marital or otherwise; Sita's Curse is no different. Every alternate page in the book is a sex scene, described with clear details as to where whose hands was.

Meera's vagina is called as 'her sex' and the male organ here is called as 'his hardness'. The sexual content did not bother me much, as much as Meera did. In search of pleasure, she goes on having sex with almost every male character in the book. And one female too. The book starts of promisingly, with Meera's childhood and her bonding with her twin brother.

But after a few pages, it turns cringe worthy. Kartik, her own twin brother begins lusting for her. She is seen discussing about her breasts and every other change in her body with him. Why, he even helps her remove her bra, because she finds it too tight. Incest much? Well yeah. Meera is described to be very beautiful and her hands are described to induce poetry.

At a tender age, she tries to have sex with her dance teacher, which again is described with microscopic details, only to be interrupted by her first period. I was surprised that she know how to perform oral sex and understood sexual pleasure even before reaching puberty.

Her twin brother, apparently sees this scene and is troubled in his mind as her wants his sister only for himself, body and soul. In order to control his feelings for her, he is conveniently sent away from the house, only to be dead a few years later.

The rest of Meera's life is spent in the quest of a male who would make her feel the way Kartik did. She tries to find him in every man she encounters.

Be it the complete stranger, whom she has sex with on the river banks, or the modern dance teacher in her building or her sex chat lover whom she meets later. Meera is clearly a woman with a voracious sexual appetite, and her sterile husband, Mohan is someone who can barely get his organ up.

The first time they have sex, ends up with Mohan raping her and she writhing in pain. This is soon forgotten and they try to start afresh soon. With her initiating sex in bizarre of places, including an open street one night, immediately after a movie where all they did was feel up each other.

Meera even gets excited when she watches her brother in law Bansi and his wife Vrinda, having sex in their room one day.

Natural, I suppose. But the hunger she shows is insatiable and after a few chapters I ended up feeling sorry for her. The other most important characters are Guru Amarkant Maharaj and Yosuf.

Yes, you guessed it right, Meera has sex with both of them, while being married to Mohan. Guruji is a saint worshiped by her husband's family and he steps into her room time and again to 'heal' her as her mother in law believes that she is jinxed. Yosuf is the guy she meets in a sex chat site aptly called 'Mumbailover. They have sex online first, via the camera and on one cataclysmic day, they meet. Only to end up saving sex again. And again. This fateful day was June 26th, when the city of Mumbai flooded.

That day, both Mohan and Yosuf go missing. Only one of them comes back. What happens to Meera next? She still remains the same old girl, craving for sexual fulfillment. She even masturbates on the night, her husband goes missing. This is how the book is described; "Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita's Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife's urgent need for love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment.

Mohan willingly sends her to English classes and her nephew teaches her how to use the internet, which she used to dangerous extents. Everybody she sleeps with has only sex on their mind. And so does she. Not even once she is shown falling in love with any of these men.

Even with Yosuf, it seems transactional instead of love. She has sex with all the men with the same passion and desires more from each of them.

At one point of time, I even thought that she is lusting after Bansi, but that angle abruptly ends so does the angle of Chhotu who conveniently disappears from the story line. Guruji's sex scandal takes too much of limelight towards the end, making the already struggling story line sink. Expectations were really high with this book, but in the end it turns out to be real cold. Just like the protagonist, who is touted to be hot and lust worthy.

Inspite of the million references made to the Ramayana, the title of the book is not clear. Sita and Meera, both iconic characters of mythology are compared often, but the result again ends in bad taste. May 22, Subramanyam K. What if a marriage does not satisfy the bodily wants of a woman, what if her desires remain unfulfilled? How should she react when her husband cannot give her children? How should she react to all these circumstances and handle her own desires that unsettle her?

This book is about Meera Patel, a woman from the rural heartlands of Gujarat, It is about her dreams since her childhood, her needs, her marriage to a wealthy man, the short comings of her marriage, her belief system, the people she encounters in her life and finally the big step she takes.

What did I like in the book? When there are short comings and such things are ignored in a marriage, we might end up seeing a result that might bring pain to everyone involved. This particular thing was portrayed very well. Things I did not like: The amount of sex in this book, it was really too much. I was feeling uncomfortable very often while reading the book. The book starts off with a steamy scene where the protagonist goes to her fantasy world and extracts some self pleasure, everything there is described to the microscopic detail.

I was like already uncomfortable, its not just that one place where the author does a deep dive but every few pages you see something of this sort.

Sitas Curse Epub Free Download

I understand it is a book that speaks about the desires of a woman but every few pages you get to speak about sex and describe it in microscopic detail, it unsettles the person who is reading it. I somehow did not find the connect. No doubt fantastic questions were asked in the book, but where are solutions?

Giving a solution to the problems mentioned would have made the book even better. Giving hope and saying that mistakes could be corrected would have definitely taken the book to the next level. References to Gods and Goddesses could have been avoided, the mention of Goddess Lakshmi in the first few pages of the book is in sour taste.

On the flip side it has too much erotic content that might really make it a tough read. The questions and the good things of the book get pygmied in front of all that sexual and erotic content. For a person with a conservative mindset it might be a tough book to read. May 02, Sakshi Nanda rated it really liked it. Erotica is all about vividness of expression.

However, notice not just how visually sex has been described but how it has been used by Sreemoyee - to expose socio-religious hypocrisy and question the Erotica is all about vividness of expression. To read the full review, please click here: View all 3 comments. May 18, Jaideep Khanduja rated it did not like it. Book Review: Sitas Curse: Only category where I could place it was Cheap, Third Grade, Overrated, Extrapolated unnecessarily with no story, plot or message.

Sita's Curse : The Language of Desire

It has just o http: It has just one motive - to fantasize porn on each page, in each word. The novel is a dirt for youth, women who could easily fall into its trap towards darker side of unhealthy lifestyle. The moment I read first couple of pages, my curiosity instantly grew to understand more about its author.

No offenses but an ex Lifestyle Editor and a former PR Head could produce a far better positive side of life, something that could go constructive in nature. And on top of it - the best part of the joke is that this nonsense, full of sex, book has been dedicated by the author to her parents.

I am sure no parent would be able to read even a single page of this rubbish book in front of their children and even vice versa. Readers can guess out well what all goes in the life of a lifestyle editor and a PR executive. Is it an autobiography, fiction or Further absurd things are - the publisher Hachette India, who thought it to be a buck generating stuff and thus allowing it to be published, Blogadda distributing copies to book lovers probably with no understanding at their end on what low grade stuff it carried.

The stuff is totally infection to mind and heart to take away the purity and fill in filth in it.

Free sitas download epub curse

Few might like this third grade stuff as it might help them in taking to their dark fantasy world. On top of it the writer felt no shame in using respectful mythological characters' names of Gods and Goddesses. There are number of ways of presenting a story or plot. A story on a red light area can be produced in such a strong and powerful manner that it nowhere appears to be a porn stuff. But then it also depends on the mental status of author also. Here it is totally reverse.

The overall intention of author is not to present a powerful or meaningful story or plot in a constructive manner, but to put all the filth of her career and mind in each and every page of Sita's Curse: The Language of Desire. And it is clearly evident that author has smartly covered this completely third grade porn stuff in form of a story and putting a title that promises a lot of intensive and serious story.

A prayer at the end for the author to get right kind of grey cells growth in mind by God, to write right stuff for right kind of audience instead of masking the stuff and misguiding the readers. Giving any rating to such a book would be an insult of the rating. View all 9 comments. May 10, Shilpa Garg rated it it was amazing. The book has a lot of graphic sex scenes but the idea is not to titillate.

To me, it represents the empowerment for women, the recognition of women and their sexual desires and cravings. Detailed Review on the blog: May 11, Meghant Parmar rated it really liked it. There's always a meticulous rise to something. For a woman it's never been easy. The part she plays in this male dominated society is quite contrary as to what her heart makes images of.

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