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Other books by Christos Tsiolkas. Merciless Gods ePub download by Christos Tsiolkas. Merciless Gods. Christos Tsiolkas. Allen & Unwin, November Author: Christos Tsiolkas. 32 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB The Art of Slap for Bass · Read more. Book title: The Slap ISBN: Size: MB Formаts: pdf, ipad, android, audio, text, epub, ebook. Authоr: Christos Tsiolkas Date of placement.

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Although this is Australian author Tsiolkas' fourth novel, it is The Slap: A Novel by [Tsiolkas, Christos]. Audible .. Download. Book file PDF. file The Slap Christos Tsiolkas Book Free Download PDF at Our Book have some digitalformats such us: kindle, epub, ebook, paperbook, and. Learn more about The Slap in the Download Destination digital collection. and audiobooks! ×. Title details for The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas - Available.

National Library of Australia. Tsiolkas, Christos. The Jesus man. North Sydney, NSW: Random House Australia Pty Ltd.

And, by the way, for those who felt that this author was a "good writer" -- Really? I finished this only because I hate not finishing a book, and I wanted to validate for myself that what I thought was the case, about 20 pages in, was actually the case -- This is an awful, awful book.

Christos epub slap the download tsiolkas

Many reviewers voiced displeasure with some of the crudeness and explicit scenes in the book. Crude or gratuitous, in the context of a good story, can make perfect sense. Crude and gratuitous because you have nothing else of interest or substance to offer is unforgivable And from an "award-winning" author, nonetheless. I cannot offer a strong enough warning to those who might be tempted to read this.

Please, do yourself a favor -- don't do it. Reread something you loved before. Reading this will only make you wish you had. A waste of time for the writer. A waste of time for the reader.

So, if you even remotely care about making each moment count View all 24 comments. Dec 23, Deanna rated it really liked it. I read this book a few years ago and thought I would write a review as I recently watched the US TV mini series based on the book. I also watched the series a couple of years ago that was filmed in Australia.

I love the fact that Melissa George was cast as Rosie in both versions. First off, I hate this cover. The one I have is a bit different. I just don't like seeing a child on the ground obviously upset and crying. When I picked it up in the bookstore and read the back I thought the premise wa I read this book a few years ago and thought I would write a review as I recently watched the US TV mini series based on the book.

When I picked it up in the bookstore and read the back I thought the premise was fantastic and original. A man slaps a child Hugo at a friends and family barbecue. Hugo is not his child, and the book explores how this event affects everyone that was in attendance at the barbecue. I was very intrigued!! The book was compelling to say the least. While there is a varied cast of characters in the book, it is written from the viewpoints of eight characters.

All of these characters were present at the barbecue where the slap took place. We have: From the varied ratings it seems that people either loved it or hated it. I waver between 3 and 4 stars as it held my interest but I found much of it rather disturbing. Although, if I rated everything on how disturbed I felt then my ratings would probably all be low.

Many of the men come off as extremely narcissistic and misogynistic. I realize that people like this do exist in real life but there just didn't seem to be any redeeming qualities about many of the characters depicted. At times it was very offensive and vulgar with what I thought was quite a bit of gratuitous sex.

Having said all of that I still found the book well written with a diverse cast of characters. And while it was disturbing I was still engrossed in the story and the lives of all of the characters. Their individual stories were very involved and interesting. Controversial at times it examines the differences in regards to discipline and child-rearing, and also shows how people can greatly differ in their personal relationships with both friends and family.

This novel truly shows how one instant can change so many lives. View all 32 comments. Having seen this spoken of so highly and having read the initial idea of how one instant can change so many lives i thought i'd give it a try. Tsiolkas has an appalling view of humankind. The way people think of each other and treat each other and stick with each other for the most ludicrous of reasons in his universe is depressing in the extreme.

The characters are all either racist, sexist, drunken or sluts or indeed, in a few cases, all of the above. The idea of tracing the Having seen this spoken of so highly and having read the initial idea of how one instant can change so many lives i thought i'd give it a try.

The idea of tracing the lives of witnesses to the slap in question would have been interesting if a they had been believable and not monstrous caricatures b You felt any fellow feeling for them at all c the slap had had an effect on their lives, which reading the novel it didn't. Tsolkias attempts to use it as the hook on which to place the unravelling or quaking of various relationships and there is a certain cleverness to the way the stories interreact and relate but the slap is of no real significance except for the totally unbelievable reaction of arrests and court cases.

The language is laughably foul. I don't know many elderly greek men admittedly but is it likely they would greet another old friend at the funeral of another with ' How are you you old cocksucker? The f and c words litter the dialogue and their internal thinking. Almost every page has one. The racism and brutality of relationship is horrible. I have no problem with earthy language and vicious dialogue if it is necessary for character or even atmosphere but i am very dubious here. I don't think there is a single person who I would be interested in getting to know.

Tsolkias does give you a certain insight into the child's mother's upbringing. Her parenting skills are ridiculous and unrealistic but its her neediness and abuse which gives at least a glimmer of ' ah, I can see why' and partially redeems the storyline.

Actually maybe he should write the sequel. Has Hugo, the brat, risen above his dreadful start? Has he managed to break from the circle of madness.

So I correct myself; I would not like to meet any of these self-obsessed, self-centred adult idiots at any time in my life but perhaps Hugo could redeem them all by actually turning out well. View all 19 comments.

At a suburban barbeque, one slap will change the lives of these people. Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly looks at domestic life in the Australian suburbs in the twenty first century. The slap and its consequences cause everyone to question their own families and the way they live, their expectations, beliefs and desires.

A gripping novel of loyalty and happiness, compromise and truth from the very start to the end. The Slap starts at a barbeque for group of family and friends, when one adult slaps an unrelated child the universal tension begins.

The book changes perspectives of the different characters at the Barbeque to show different emotions and feelings about the events. If you are not a fan of course language, be warned it does feature very heavily in this book.

Apart from that the writing, the characters and plot are well crafted, I have noticed women seem to hate this book more than men, it could be because of the subject matter. The Slap will play with your emotions all the way through this book and you will rage at the characters and want to slap them senseless.

But the turmoil and the internal monologue of all the characters was done really well and makes for an excellent read. View all 11 comments. Feb 12, Geoff marked it as never Recommends it for: I saw a commercial for it on the media outlet's webinar and the slap was filmed like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. It was intense.

Now I don't have kids or nothing but if my kid was swinging a bat around at some dumb commie hippies I'd give him an extra Mountain Dew before bed. Because look, these kids are either gonna get smacked with a bat or a shiny billy club NOW or it's gonna happen when they fail out of art school and don't make it on Wall St.

So all I've gotta say is that cowboys get slapped all the time, and it only makes them better at rootin' and tootin' at the saloon, and that there are also cowboys in Australasia, and they did their fair share of genocidin' too, so what does that tell you?

View all 80 comments. Dec 27, Elodie rated it did not like it. I only finished it, because when I start a book, well I just finish it. First of all I am no prude, but in this case, it was way too often, and totally unnecessary. That was one of the first thing that ruined this book for me. Or when Aisha, who is perceived by all the other characters as the most elegant, refined women they know, is having a torrid affair and thinks in the crudest language possible I do concede that Christos Tsiolkas manages very well to immerse you the life of each of his 8 characters, and give them a voice.

However, I really found most of them very annoying, and that his vision of humanity was grim and sad. There is no love between these people, no hope. You have the first couple Aisha and her husband. They appear as the perfect couple but each has an affair, the men with a 16 years old no less, referring to her as a young and fresh cunt charming , and in the end it appears that what make them stick with one another is how good they look together.

That is just great, fantastic. But, that is not all. The second couple, Rosie and Gary, just hate each other and are probably the most sordid of the lot. Their parenting style is also just infuriating, and you do want to slap that them both page after page,.. Then the trophy wife beater Finally the slap, that is supposed to reverberate into each of the characters life, has just a very limited impact, apart from Rosie and her husband, and in my opinion was just an excuse.

The Slap: A Novel

View all 7 comments. This was one of the best books I've read in a long time. Filled with despicable but ultimately somehow sympathetic characters, a microcosm of friends and family becomes a commentary on the social make-up of the city of Melbourne, the country of Australia, and perhaps the world.

That the story is told from multiple perspectives but still chronologically ie. An uncomfortable but highly recommended read. View 2 comments. Aug 22, Shovelmonkey1 rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Recommended to Shovelmonkey1 by: I've never been to Australia.

My knowledge of Australia is based entirely on several books both historical and fictional, a conversation with an Australian work colleague who informed me that "No, she could not bring me back a bush-baby" apparently they're native to continental Africa, not Australia - who knew? If this book was my only source of information regarding the denizens of Australia I'd definitely be striking it from the holiday I've never been to Australia.

If this book was my only source of information regarding the denizens of Australia I'd definitely be striking it from the holiday destinations list. Oprah went to Australia a few years and hosted her Op-stravaganza there in order to raise the profile of the country as a tourist destination in the USA.

If you handed out free copies of this book to every American citizen you could pretty quickly undo all of Oprah's lovely PR work. In traditionally stereotypical Australian style, a diverse cross section of friends, neighbours, work colleagues, relatives and their children are gathered together to throw some snags on the "barby".

One of them gets a little over excited and slaps a child. Not his own child. Ructions ensue as the group hotly debates what is morally right - to slap or not to slap? That is the question. Strange that it is the slap that causes such a fuss when none of these people seem to think twice about their rampant affairs, alcoholism, wife-beating, fraud and appalling levels of racism. Each chapter gives you an insight into the lives, racist attitudes, sexual mores and the stance on the slap of each person who was there to witness it.

Slap download the christos tsiolkas epub

As you progress you're left wondering why you should trust or believe this reprehensible selection of idiots and their opinions on child rearing. Let me put it this way- if the characters in "The Slap" were real and I was armed with some kind of nuclear device, I wouldn't think twice before blowing up their corner of tedious suburbia.

I'd save Richie and Hugo though. Well Richie seemed to be a pretty decent kid, the best of what can roundly be described as a bad bunch.

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I'd save Hugo because in the post-apocalyptic world it is probably best that everyone has someone to channel their hate and rage towards and let's face it people, young Hugo has the makings of an A-Class shit bag when he grows up.

When it comes down to it, the most pressing question is why are more of the people in this book not getting a damned good thumping? This book was longlisted for the Man Booker Man Booker I judge you and has also been hailed as "the great Australian novel" and a state of nation address. If this makes it onto the revised books list then I'm bailing. View all 39 comments. Jan 09, Rebbie rated it it was ok Shelves: The whole lot of them can bugger off!

View all 4 comments. Aug 26, Stephanie Patterson rated it it was amazing. This book has occasioned a lot of controversy with many people thinking that it is misogynistic. It's overly simplistic to see this story as full of misogyny, but even if the charge held, novelists are under no obligation to be politically correct. This is in many ways an old fashioned novel.

It has a beginning, middle and an end. Christos Tsiolkas is giving us his version of social reality and satirizing the concerns of the middle class of the 21st century. Maybe there's more cursing and sex than This book has occasioned a lot of controversy with many people thinking that it is misogynistic. Maybe there's more cursing and sex than readers of literary novels like, but it's not gratuitous cursing and sex.

It does contribute to the picture he paints of his characters. The men and women are ambivalent about one another. The characters are not always easy to like, but Mr. Tsoilkas helps us understand them. I found Rosie, the indulgent mother of the 4 year child that is slapped, only too believable. Her child menaces an older child with a baseball bat and later in the novel spits on an elderly man out of pure malice and--that most insidious of 21st century diseases--entitlement Yet Rosie oblivious to her son's faults, is walking around with dirty hair explaining to a friend that she and her husband are trying to teach him about water conservation.

But I felt sorry for her as well. She is isolated from her narcissistic mother and overly protective of her difficult husband and her young son, but enraged when her friends seem to favor family loyalties over loyalty to her.

One of the more sympathetic characters in the book is Manoli the elderly uncle of he man who delivers the slap. Manoli struggles to understand why his daughter-in-law would side with Rosie, rather than with her family. Manoli has seen great upheaval and spends one afternoon burying an old friend The scene at the house follow the funeral was one of my favorites It was filled with such warmth and regret.

While talking to the widow, he hears that other friends have been largely reclusive since their son was shot and killed by drug dealers After he visits this family and sees an elderly friend wasting away from lung cancer he is saddened that his own children's lives seem to be focused on petty concerns and that they have no conception of what is important in life.

Slap download the christos tsiolkas epub

Tsiolkas also deals with issues of multiculturalism, class, how people make their marriages work and how they raise their children The kids from broken homes--Richie, a young gay man reared only by his mother and Connie, Richie's best friend, who lives with her single aunt are the most appealing of the children. Tsiolkas is no Henry James. The Master would never write such graphic sex scenes or use such profanity, but very little seems to be lost on him and the book is dense enough to be worth re-reading.

This novel has aroused some real emotion and anyone whose writing can get people talking--no matter how bitterly--is not to be dismissed. Having sat on my to-read shelf for years, I took this on a plane trip recently. I expected to leave it abandoned in my seat pocket for another person. Instead I found it hard to put down.

The premise of the story would never happen in reality — at a party of adult friends and their children, Hugo, a four year old, goes to wack another child with a cricket bat and the father of the target stops this happening by slapping Hugo on the face. The parents of Hugo insist on police involvement and the po Having sat on my to-read shelf for years, I took this on a plane trip recently. The parents of Hugo insist on police involvement and the police take it to court.

Because there is so little crime in Australia, that this stands out as a good use of police time and court resources. Every main character in the story is ghastly. Young and old, they are all materialists whose high points are buying clothes, getting haircuts, drinking and drugging, getting bikini waxes and making entrances. The women are ghastly, the men, the Australians, the Indians, the Greeks, the young, the old. But having said that, the fact is that they are all utterly ordinary.

People muddling through life in a self-centered — I, closely followed by my family, are what matters — way.

The Slap wasn't really anything like I was expected. From the title and the description, I expected the plot to be focused around the aftermath of Harry slapping his friends' child.

Instead, it really just focused around the relationships of all the acquaintances and their personal lives. The Slap was mentioned a few times throughout the book but it really felt like it was in the background.

I found it very hard to like any of the character as they were all incredibly selfish and hate-filled but The Slap wasn't really anything like I was expected. I found it very hard to like any of the character as they were all incredibly selfish and hate-filled but at the same time, I did find them interesting to read about.

They were all living double lives basically and all secretly disliked each other. The book wasn't what I thought it would be and it wasn't amazing but it was still interesting and I was not bored at any point. Aug 06, Sean Kennedy rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Slap is a compelling book, but ultimately just as flawed as its characters.

It suffers from the kitchen sink approach, except the sink AND all its piping is thrown in for good measure. In trying to point out the dark side of suburban life, it is beating its own chest and yelling "Look at me!

I have so much to say! It's just that it does with no subtlety. The characters are monsters with no shades of grey. Harry, the slapper The Slap is a compelling book, but ultimately just as flawed as its characters. Harry, the slapper of the obnoxious kid at the barbecue, is later revealed to not merely be a man pushed to the limit in a bad moment - but also an extremely violent wife beater. Hector, the weak-willed bystander, cheats on his wife with a seventeen year old girl.

Every man is seething with violence and misogyny and racism. There is not one redeeming quality in any of them - the book would have been more affecting if the characters were more human rather than every single one of them being reprehensible. In the end, The Slap reminds me of the smugness of the film 'Crash', which deals with similar themes. It is trying so hard to point out the flaws in our extremely flawed society, but it does so in broad strokes which end up detracting from the truth it is depicting.

Jan 11, Banafsheh Serov rated it it was amazing. A group of people are gathered at a suburban Barbecue. During the afternoon an incident between one of the guests and a four year old result in consequences that directly, or indirectly, affect all who are present.

Told as a collection of short stories through the perspective of eight characters, all with different background, age, ethnicity and value systems, The Slap is a provocative, unflinching novel that explores our inner most beliefs and the conflicting issues we face. I enjoyed having a d A group of people are gathered at a suburban Barbecue.

I enjoyed having a different portal in which the same situation has been explored. Hearing the different points of view shows there is no black or white situation - that our beliefs are a sum of all our life's experiences. Jul 07, Aug 20, Alyssia Cooke rated it did not like it Shelves: I seriously need to stop impulse buying.

I also need to start ignoring three for two offers. In addition I need to read the first couple of pages before buying instead of just relying on the book cover. I just end up with tat, as this purchase once again showed. That is the most lethal mistake I can ever make. A man slaps an unruly boy. But this even reverberates through the lives of everyone who witnesses it happen.

Whose side are you on? The first section of the book revolves around this slap and the direct consequences of the mans actions including the court case that follows. The supposed focus is on how this splits a group of friends down the middle as each take sides, and what had been a fairly close group of friends becomes split and relationships become strained. The female friends get more bitchy and the male group gets more aggressive.

But when the book moves on it moves into the lives of not only the main group of friends which the first section of the book is based around, but also into the lives of the lesser characters. I can cope with an poorly managed plot if the characters make up for it, but no, the characters are awful The author relies far too much on cursing and sex to actually build his characters effectively, and the creations that he has built are almost to a man unlikeable and irritating.

It is his sense of hope for the future that shines through The Jesus Man, and that fact that we as readers believe in his optimism and are intensely uplifted by the book's final powerful message confirms Christos Tsiolkas as one of our finest and most original writers.

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Download Destination. Search Search Search Browse menu. Sign in. Recent updates. The Slap. In this powerful and riveting novel reminiscent of Liane Moriarty's Truly, Madly, Guilty , literary phenomenon Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly exposes the inner workings of domestic life, friendship, and parenthood in the twenty-first century, and reminds us of the passions and malice that family loyalty can provoke.