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House of Night has 45 entries in the series. Betrayed. House of Night (Series). Book 2. P. C. Cast Author Kristin Cast Author (). cover image of Betrayed. Buy the eBook Betrayed, House of Night: Book 2 by Kristin Cast online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today. Zoey, High Priestess in training, has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast powers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx has given her .

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. It seems that un life is going pretty well for Zoey Redbird. She's settled in at the House of Night finishing school and is coming to terms with the vast powers the vampyre goddess, Nyx, has given her. She even has a boyfriend Best of all, Zoey finally feels she has found somewhere she belongs.

The Summoning. Resurrected Book 9 in the Vampire Journals. Born at Midnight. Toxic Part One. Toxic Part Two.

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Awakened House of Night: Book 8. Burned House of Night: Book 7. Tempted House of Night: Book 6. Hunted House of Night: Book 5.

Untamed House of Night: Actually, Aphrodite was probably my least favorite person anywhere, but purposefully listening in on what was clearly an ugly scene with her parents was just wrong wrong wrong. So I tiptoed a few feet off the path where I could hide more easily behind a big ornamental bush and have a decent view of what was going on. Aphrodite was sitting on the stone bench closest to the fountain. Her parents were standing in front of her. Well, her mom was standing.

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Her dad was pacing. OMG Zoe you are such a decent person acknowledging how bad it would be to ease drop Hell, Erik Night might be the hottest guy at any school. Wait for it Be normal. Forget that he was easily the most heart-stoppingly beautiful man I'd ever been near in my entire life.

Loren Blake was a whole other universe. Sorry Eric I took over because Aphrodite was a bully, and she had to be stopped. Um, I don't recall you wanting to take it over I may not be highly experienced. And, hell yes, I'm still a virgin. But I'm not an utter moron most of the time. I know when a guy is into me. And this guy—for that moment—was def initely into me.

I covered his hand with my own, and forgetting about everything, including Erik and the fact that Loren was an adult vamp and I was a fledgling, I willed him to kiss me, willed him to touch me more. And you wanna talk about Aphrodite.

Cuteness is cuteness. I tried it once and it made me cough my head off and burned my throat. Plus I got some of the weed in my mouth. It was just nasty. Plus it makes you eat for no good reason. It's a shame the hottie football players are into that," Erin said.

This whole line of dialogue make me want to kick someone Get down on one knee? It's been pretty obvious this past month that y'all are dating. Oh, hell, I don't know.

Betrayed A House of Night Novel - PDF Free Download

It's like Loren's in a whole other world. And it's not like he and I can really date, or what ever. Could Loren and I see each other secretly? Did I want to? As if she could read my thoughts Stevie Rae said, "You could sneak around and see Loren. I couldn't tell exactly where it was, and the only reason I knew when is because I saw the date and time on your grandma's dash. Your grandma's going to be okay.

Do you care about anyone but yourself? Like you're so perfect? I didn't hear you caring about anyone else except your grandma. She'd turned away and I saw her pause. Her back got really straight and when she looked over her shoulder at me I could see that her eyes were narrowed in anger.

Not much except that they're controlling and your mom's a nightmare. About screwed-up parents in gen eral?

I've been living with pain-in-the-ass parent issues since my mom remarried three years ago. It sucks, but it's not an excuse to be a bitch.

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Until then, you don't know shit. Heat slammed through my body, setting me on fire. Like someone else was in control of my movements, my hand slid from Heath's shoulder, down his chest, to rub over the hard lump that was in the front of his jeans. I sucked on his neck. Rational thought flew from my mind. All I could do was feel and taste and touch. Somewhere in the depths of my mind I knew I was reacting on a level that was almost ani malistic in its need and ferocity, but I didn't care.

I wanted Heath. I wanted him like I'd never wanted anything in my life. I just … I dunno And I also think I under stand her a little. Aphrodite just wants to be accepted, but she goes about it all wrong. She thinks manipulation and lies mixed with control can force people to like her.

It's what she saw at home, and that's what made her like she is now. Just please with the blame-my-mommy-'cause-I'm-a-bitch crap," Erin said.

Betrayed A House of Night Novel

This is exactly why I hate this bunch of bitches. Cole Clifton was tall, blond, and totally cute. He'd fin ished twenty-second with his rendition of Romeo's "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks …" speech. Okay, he was good. Really, really good. I heard Shaunee and Erin espe cially Shaunee making lots of appreciative noises, and the clap ping was furious from them when he finished. I'd have to talk to Erik about fixing Shaunee up with Cole.

In my opinion more white boys should date women of color. It was good for ex panding their horizons especially true in Oklahoma white boys. As a woman of color all: Say what? And finally: He represents air well. If she's on your side, she's there whether you're right or wrong—and if you're wrong she'll tell you about yourself, but she won't desert you. She represents fire well. It's not true. She is one of the wisest people I know, and Nyx proved that she looks to the interior when she chose Erin.

She represents water well. She worries about me; she worries about all of her friends, sometimes she is too empathetic, and I'm glad that now she has the earth she can draw strength from. She represents earth well. What I promise you is that I sincerely want what is best for the Dark Daughters and Sons, and for all of the fledglings at the House of Night.

They are not authentic, faithful, wise, empathetic or sincere in the least. They are elitists who think they are better than everyone else, but still like to look down on other people. The only think interesting about this book is the story of the missing boys, but even that is touched on few and in-between. Plus, the reveal is so expected by any smart reader that it doesn't even qualify as a twist.

Final Grade: Also, these are NOT vampires! They are backwards witches whose magic works faster than a speeding bullet. Melina out! View all 19 comments. Sep 26, Jackie "the Librarian" rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Jackie "the Librarian" by: Cleo, teen extraordinaire. This second book of the House of Night series gets deeper into the creepy potential set up by the first book.

Zoey Redbird, vampire fledgling, has unusual abilities for a fledgling, and her powers and her attraction to the opposite sex seem to be growing in this book. Zoey has taken over as the head of the Daughters of Darkness, and wants to make it into something akin to a service club like you find at other schools. She researches ways to change the rituals into something positive and inclusi This second book of the House of Night series gets deeper into the creepy potential set up by the first book.

She researches ways to change the rituals into something positive and inclusive. In the meantime, she can't seem to drop her old human boyfriend, she feels guilty about neglecting her current vampire boyfriend, and hey!

Aphrodite, the former leader of the Dark Daughters, may not be as bad as she seemed, and Zoey can't help but have sympathy for her after she overhears her getting chewed out by her parents.

And why is Neferet, head priestess of the school, saying Aphrodite's visions are false, when they're not? Neferet might not be as perfectly wonderful as Zoey originally thought But most important, football players that Zoey knew are getting killed, and it looks like Heath might be next.

Can she figure out who or what is killing them before it's too late? Zoey has seen what she is calling "ghosts", two students who have supposedly died, wandering around near the stone wall in black cloaks, and with red glowing eyes. Could they have something to do with the murders? I'm doing a series swap with Cleo, teen extraordinaire. Fans of YA vampire books. This one started off slow, but after about fifty pages, I was captivated.

I believe the reason the beginning was slow was because it basically just went over everything that happened it the last book. However, once the story got going, I couldn't put the book down.

It's a really emotional book, and deals with a wide range of themes including death, and as the title suggests, betrayal. The loyalty among Zoey's group never falters though, and it really strengthens the book. I thought this one was This one started off slow, but after about fifty pages, I was captivated. I thought this one was a lot better than the first, and it'll be great if the series keeps getting better. For more of my reviews and recommendations, visit my blog: View 2 comments.

Sep 20, Kimberley doruyter rated it liked it. Nov 04, Heather rated it it was ok. I had read the first book in the House of Night and didn't actually feel inclined to read any of the others. But I got a good deal on a set of 5 and thought I'd give it another chance. This book had less about the mythology of "vampyres" than the first one. Honestly, without the occasional mention of drinking blood, I would have assumed it was a book about witches.

There was a lot of talk about rituals, elements, and the Daughters of Darkness or whatever they were called. Still, Zoey talked on an I had read the first book in the House of Night and didn't actually feel inclined to read any of the others.

Still, Zoey talked on and on about her super specialness and, unlike the first book, didn't seem to want to be normal. It had been a month since the end of the first book. That's not enough time to become comfortable with being different, no matter how awesome the difference might be. There were also a lot of parentheses. This popped up every time Zoey was trying to justify some thought or action, let us know that she knew what she was talking about, or to be snarky.

This was just annoying. This is a first person story. We don't need the narrator to give commentary on her narration. The authors definitely let us know how they feel about drugs and alcohol use in this book. One of the more memorable lines for me was when Stevie Rae says "I don't like marijuana. It smells bad. I'm not saying they should, but it was so PSA. It reminds me of how parents try to casually sneak in the sex talk. It just doesn't work because you damn well know it wasn't just a casual conversation.

The authors also implied that drinking was more than enough reason that someone might end up dead in the river with cuts all over them and drained of blood.

Zoey is so good that she only met the dead boys once because they drank and she didn't want to be around that. But Zoey the virtuous doesn't see anything wrong with flirting with a teacher. Or with having 3 boyfriends. Or with those guys not knowing she has 3 boyfriends. Because she's not giving bj's in the hallway, she's not the ho that Aphrodite is. And that word is used a lot- along with slut, bitch and tons of other derogatory terms for girls.

The authors won't let Zoey say "shit". She has to say "poo. Anyway, to the actual story. Zoey has to do her first full moon ritual and much of the book is spent with her working on it at odd hours and walking around in desolate areas of the school where she continuously happens to find people to eavesdrop on.

Download night house ebook betrayed of

This is actually how Zoey finds out practically everything in this book. Any plot progression happens because Zoey inadvertently eavesdrops on conversations.

Zoey is so self-absorbed that she doesn't notice her bestest friend of a month, Stevie Rae, isn't looking so hot.

Download of betrayed house night ebook

Despite several instances of Zoey thinking about how illness is one of the signs of rejecting the change, she doesn't seem to be concerned with Stevie Rae's obvious sickness. I, on the other hand, saw this coming a mile away. Just after her super special first ritual in which all her friends become super special too, Stevie Rae dies. But Zoey doesn't have much time to grieve because Heath, Zoey's human ex that she imprinted with, goes missing.

She had to find him before he dies and her imprint allows her to do so.

She runs off without telling anyone to save the day. She finds him still alive because the blood of an imprinted human tastes bad. She also finds Stevie Rae, not quite dead. She kind of knew but had confirmed that the high priestess she looked up to and thought of as a second mother was really an evil bitch. The high priestess blocks her memory but Zoey gets a super special visit from Nyx and remembers everything.

The book ends with whispered threats between Zoey and the high priestess. I knew the high priestess was evil in the last one. I knew the dead students weren't dead.

This one did not shed any more light on that. We don't know why or how. Overall, no plot progression. I don't know if I can bring myself to read the rest. Usually if I get involved in a series, I can't wait to read the next. With this one, I actually didn't want to go right into the next book. I felt like I needed to read something that was much better. It's books like this that make me feel like the teen vamp thing has kind of jumped the shark.

And I love vampire books. Oct 09, Susan rated it it was ok. I truly wish that I had something better to say about this book or the series for that matter. I am currently reading the third book because I really am interested as to where this series is going. I have a couple of things that really make me mad: Brown pop is the first.

The term "brown pop" is used several times. Every time I see "brown pop" I think, brown poop. It's childish, I know; however, that is exactly what I first think every time the main character wants a drink. Perhaps its a issue wi I truly wish that I had something better to say about this book or the series for that matter. Perhaps its a issue with not broadcasting a certain company, but American Eagle was mentioned by name in the book so I don't know why Coke or Pepsi wasn't.

This girl loves brown pop Also, Damien. He's gay, did you know that? How could you not when its mentioned over and over again. I like to think as Damien as more than just a homosexual, but the Cast's cannot stop bringing it up.

Apparently that is all there is to this character. Some of what is said is almost insulting. People who treat Damien as an actual person are made out to be the best people ever. It goes a little like this: Isn't that nice, that we treat our gay friend like any other person, oh by the way he's gay, but he's also our friend. He's our gay friend that we accept as being gay. He's gay. We are good people. I consider this series like a train wreck I cannot look away from.

I'm going to finish the third book, but that will probably be the last one for me. Jul 19, Jitka rated it it was ok. I am going to go ahead and admit something right now: I didn't go into Betrayed with high expectation "You deserve to be shown respect," Damien said in his school-teacher voice.

I didn't go into Betrayed with high expectations. After all, I read and reviewed Marked about a month ago. I hadn't forgotten how much it made me cringe; the writing was poor, the plot was barely existent, and the characters were flat, stereotyped and annoying- especially our leading lady, Zoey Montgomery Redbird, who is without a doubt the most infuriating fictional character I have ever come across.

Still, I was and still am determined to finish what I began. A long time ago I made a resolution to finish every book series I start, so that I may never be told "Your opinion doesn't count because you didn't read all the books.

See a Problem?

Betrayed took five days for me to read, despite it being only pages long. I had to put it down several times because I just couldn't deal with its incessant douchebaggery. All of the last book's problems had come back for an encore, along with several brand new issues. It was like a poor writing party. The story starts off by furiously recapping the last book like there's no tomorrow. Zoey wangsts about how hard it is to be as special as she is, while her friends gush over how amazing she is.

She's the new leader of the "Dark Daughters", having deposed Aphrodite of her Alpha Female throne at the end of the last book. Coupling that with her magical "filled in" mark, affinity for all five of the elements, and not one but two boys who masturbate to the ground she walks on. Oh woe is Zoey Redbird, High Priestess in training!