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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Cheeky" -The Boston Globe. "[This book] will make you laugh out Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Humor & Entertainment. Aisle Be Damned book. Read 81 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. *NATIONAL BESTSELLER*A Hilarious Take on just about Everything. Aisle Be Damned: Swaying Hips, Praying Lips and Flying Tips eBook: Rishi Piparaiya: Kindle Store.

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Aisle Be Damned By Rishi Piparaiya Online. Aisle be Damned Paperback – 20 Oct . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Jul 15, Palm owners equipped with wireless modems can now browse, purchase and download eBooks wirelessly, .. why said website was getting so damned defensive over something so trivial. . They may see our 'brain candy' store as competition, but we don't see their package candy aisle as such. Horror Stories eBook Nat Schachner and Edith and Ejler Jacobson. eBook Digital Download Vault of the Damned — July issue of Horror Stories reigned supreme and the few courageous ones who trod the aisles glanced fearfully.

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Same is the case with this book. Once you go through the first chapter, you cannot stop. Rishi Piparaiya uses his vast knowledge of air travel, and he does a great job in penning everything that can be associated with flights. His funny interpretations at times drive you into fits of laughter, and at other times into a curling smile, and it does guarantee you a pleasant time.

Aisle Be Damned

To be honest, I was initially apprehensive about laying my hands on a copy of this book. I am not a frequent flier, and thus wasn't sure if it would do me any good.

Now, to all of you reading this post, do not go by the theme of this book. Sure, it is based on air travel, but the joy you would derive from reading this is not dependent on your flying status. Even if you have never traveled to the skies, and trust me when I say this, you should pick it up for a quick and light read, perhaps after a stressful day at work, or at a time when you are in need of laughter.

This book will serve the purpose, and more. What next Rishi? Perhaps, a similarly interesting piece on Train Travel. Nov 15, Sundeep Supertramp rated it it was amazing Shelves: Third one-go read of this week. Well, I was wondering, are the book really that interesting or is it that the bibliophile in me is back with a vengeance for all those lost days of no reading?

I don't think I would have Foreword: I don't think I would have forgiven myself if I have overlooked this book! For various other books we received from Jaico publishers click here: BR with Jaico Plot from the jacket: About the author from the back-cover: Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38, feet over India. Our review: I couldn't help but comment that the author has chosen a very catchy cover. Men especially pick it up at the very sight of the sexy font used to name the title and well-arranged aisle seats of a flight.

Yeah, too attractive seats, I must say. As I open the book, I came across this annoying stamp across the first page, which is very disheartening to show off To read the entire review, click here View all 3 comments.

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Nov 05, Deepak rated it really liked it. It is a very user friendly book as you can start reading from any page and stop reading at any page hence ideal when you are travelling or commuting. You can be sure there will be a smile pasted on your face all the time. One can never get bored of reading this book as the writing is very fluid and the sense of humour therein is superb — guaranteed to keep you in good humour as long as you wish!

This is one book that everyone in the airline industry and all those even remotely connected with it should read and have a good laugh at themselves. The author does not make fun of only the personnel manning the airports and airlines but also the passengers using these facilities! Oct 06, Rupertt Wind rated it really liked it. Rishi Piparaiya has truly outdone himself and has shown himself to be a master of satire. He has shown great care and acute observational skills in picking the most annoying and embarrassing of things that happen in one's day to day exchange with the airport and it's queer inhabitants and projected them in a hilarious and thoroughly entertaining way.

He has given an whole new outlook to the things that happen in and out of an airplane. Seriously who would have thought that my missing jacket was Rishi Piparaiya has truly outdone himself and has shown himself to be a master of satire. Seriously who would have thought that my missing jacket was actually stolen by the Italian mafia. Rishi uses a delicate and simple style of writing to convey his story and that too with an even flavor of humour and satire.

There is a chance that his sense of humour, predominant his style of humour would come across as slapstick to some but it is undeniable that he got a suave way of making his readers laugh.

Anyone who has ever been on a flight and anyone who has seen the way the various quirks of the aluminium tube that flies will find it interesting and can relate to it seamlessly. It is just an understatement to say that Rishi has outdone himself. They book though randomly satirical, is not random at all in organization. The book is neatly edited and organized as in the order of which the events would occur in an actual flight, from take off to landing and this differentiate 'Aisle be damned' from a regular book of jokes and into a humorous page turner.

I will though advice the ones who have not flown to keep away, you don't need to add to your aviatophobia do we and secondly most jokes would appear to be tasteless and blown up to a person who is unaccustomed with such an environment as an airport. But for everyone else this is hilarious and light hearted, and would make your stomach hurt from laughing. I personally found the beginning and end to be rather bland and tasteless in nature as compared to the rest of it.

I give the book a 'good' status and recommend it exclusively for all fliers, frequent and otherwise. The swaying hips awaits Oct 10, Jigar Doshi rated it really liked it.

Oct 20, Sarika Patkotwar rated it liked it. This review was originally published The Readdicts Book Blog. We thank the publishing house for the book! I had been seeing Rishi Piparaiya 's book, Aisle Be Damned around a lot on social networking profiles of my fellow Indian blogger friends.

I was really interested in reading the book since then and in my head, I thought it w This review was originally published The Readdicts Book Blog. I was really interested in reading the book since then and in my head, I thought it would be one thing but it ended up being another thing altogether. This is what usually happens when I don't read book summaries and go for a book solely based on it's cover and title or in this case, my own instinct.

When I headed over to Goodreads to mark my progress, I came across some really outstanding five star reviews for the book. For me, Aisle Be Damned was neither an outstanding read, nor was it trash-able.

It was a very well put down book that had many amusing anecdotes which I liked reading along with some really cool information on the airlines industry. Being a student, I am not a frequent traveller, but thanks to family vacations, I can proudly say that I've had a fair experience and share of international travels which made many incidents in the book easy to imagine and relate to.

While I did laugh out loud a few times, I, unfortunately, didn't find the book as hilarious as others did or maybe it's just that the silly me didn't quite get the humour.

Either way, I don't think it even matters much, unless the book really falls under the humour category. Then I'll need to get my funny bones checked. In one of the ending chapters of the book, Rishi Piparaiya asks, on behalf of the bookstores staff, what genre his book would come under and I ask myself the exact same question.

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I think that the book is perfect for an airport or as an in flight guide as it will probably help one in being aware of one's surroundings and keep the reader entertained as well.

It's a very easy and super quick read, thanks to the use of images and illustrations, which for me, are unnecessary, but keeping in account the subject at hand, they did add a kind of fun element to the book. Overall, Aisle Be Damned is an absolutely well put down book- for which the author deserves a lot of credit- that's an enjoyable one time read.

Oct 03, Aditya Bhasin rated it it was amazing. There are not many authors who would please you in their first book itself, but take my words Piparaiya whose surname is more difficult to pronounce then writing a book itself has done it in a great manner.

Reading this book would make you inclined towards flying and make your upcoming flying experiences far funnier. Taking this book along is recommended and read http: Taking this book along is recommended and reading it before you take a flight is far more recommended. The book is divided into many chapters which talks about everything related to air travel.

From the moment you get out of your home to take a flight to the moment you reach your destination. The paperback can also be treated as a new manual to air-travel, like Piparaiya says himself that he is thinking to pitch this book to airlines so that they can keep it with air manuals in their aircrafts.

That I believe would be a good idea. If you operate the flush while still on the pot, there is a huge reasonable chance that your intestines may get ripped out through your ass. He has mentioned his take on each and everything that may bother one. From Life-to-Technology-to- Economy- to Capitalism and everything else on this planet. Sneak in a few swigs of alcohol into the baby bottle when no one is looking. A little bit of giggle juice in their system and babies will sleep through the flight like, well, babies.

Brandy works best, whiskey or rum is almost as effective, but do avoid tequila shots. It is particularly difficult to get them to lick the salt and suck on a lemon wedge and that too without Mommy noticing Writing style that Piparaiya has opted for is simple, at least far simpler than air-travel. The book is surely an easy read that can be completed in just one or two sitting and in most hilarious manner. Take my words folks; this book would change your perception about boring air-travel.

This one is amazingly fresh in style and in writing. This is a must recommendation for anyone. Especially, in times when we all are bored of reading soft porn been sold as literature. I managed to complete this book in just two sittings; each and every word that you would read makes you read a little more.

Piparaiya has nailed it! This book is a must read. For those who had few travels and for those who are over-traveled. And for those who are dreaming to travel; well in clouds ; I am going with five awesome stars for this book. Nov 25, Anjana Avinash rated it it was amazing.

On reading these words , if you think you're in for a rollicking read, you are absolutely on the right track! This is a delightful and humorous foray into the world of air travel based on the author's experiences and observations while on his numerous voyages as an "over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive".

The author has an excellent command over the lan 'Swaying hips, praying lips and flying tips'.

The author has an excellent command over the language and coupled with his amazing sense of humour this book is a laugh riot. Rishi summarises his book as 'A hilarious take on just about everything associated with air travel'. There couldn't have been a better way to put it. The first page, i. This really piqued my interest and I dived into the book without further ado.

The names of the chapters too are equally interesting and my favourite in terms of content was, What The Heck! Each chapter is full of incidents relating to a particular category. In 'It all begins at the airport' Rishi has so many incidents to recount about every tiny aspect of an airport, be it the baggage trolley or the walkways.

The categorisation of walkway users is hilarious. The section on baggage trolleys contains descriptions which all of us have experienced. He says, " One of the wheels, of one of the trolleys, in one of the trolley stands, in one of the terminals of the airport, wobbles with one of the most excruciating sounds at the upper end of man's auditory threshold. Then he reveals the use of machine oil which apparently should be used on the wheels to silence them: The book is replete with gems like this and I was laughing through out.

Rishi deals with everything from the optimal boarding strategy to the best opening lines to use if you happen to fly with celebrities. His only lament was that the only time he sat next to an actress he was so tongue tied that one sentence was all that he could utter!

Yet another utterly rip-roaring description is about the oxygen masks. If you are travelling with your wife, be courteous and first offer her mask to your neighbour. Rishi Piparaiya has taken a mundane topic and created a fabulous book out of that. His humour is very tongue-in-cheek and entertaining. This is the perfect holiday book cos it's an easy read and you can read from all over the book randomly and still enjoy it.

My only warning is to be careful while reading it in a public place cos there's a very high chance that you'll shock the wits off a fellow traveller by bursting into laughter abruptly! Aisle be Damned Contrary to popular conception, this one is not really a take on how to fly better but rather how you can make your travel fun. Once you can adjust to the fact that this is primarily a non-fiction book and the one which begs not to be taken too seriously, there is lot of fun to be had.

It has everything Aisle be Damned It has everything related to travel - getting upgraded to business class, micromanaging the pilots, how to kill boredom during the 'technical snag' routine check up, strategies to attract the attention of flight attendants, ice-breaking conversations with pretty co-passengers and breezing through immigration and customs.

Author does get overboard with those not-so-hilarious taglines and photographs but then as I said before, you need to adjust as a reader to the humour side of the book. The writing is easy and even at times dealing with airline industry jargon keep it simple enough for the layman. Being a to-notch sales personnel, author has travelled the world and it does help to efficiently pay nuances to the industry and poke fun at the right pores. What it does conveniently is take all the myths associated with the airline industry and turn it on its head.

But if you look beyond those funny layers, you will realise the frustrations usually associated with the air travel for the customers and the inefficiency of the airline staff. Just over pages long, it is a brisk 3-hour read and deserves a go-ahead. It is well written, jokes come flying in all directions and will leave you with a big smile. Read it during one of those air travel journey or just before taking one, and I am sure you will love the book just a bit more.

Oct 22, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it really liked it Shelves: When I first saw the title and the cover, I thought that this book must be either a love story of a guy obsessed with beautiful air hostess or a narration of the woes of an air crew. Then I read the blurb and decided to pick it up. Divided into segments, this book brings you different flavours of air travel.

Be ebook aisle download damned

There also moments described in the book that each o When I first saw the title and the cover, I thought that this book must be either a love story of a guy obsessed with beautiful air hostess or a narration of the woes of an air crew.

There also moments described in the book that each one of has faced even if you have traveled only once. He has the contents properly divided into chapters and under different sections. There are some useful tips and mostly LOL moments in this book. Most reviewers are inundated with requests from authors and publishers alike.

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I have a very hard time finding words strong enough to describe just how superlative her writing is. I've never seen an author describe human evil with such depth and with such reality. We begin years after Conar has been striped of his royal legacy, having his death faked then sent to the Labyrinth. During these after years Conar has been stripped of his freedom, his wife, his children and his own name. While in the Labyrinth Conar is not allowed to be spoken to, looked at or even acknowledged in anyway.

He is not even considered alive, he is a nameless ghost to be ignored. Should Conar dare to try to have contact with anyone that person will be beaten severely, so for the love of his men whom have also been sent to the Labyrinth he dares not speak to anyone. Should any of the men that know who Conar really is dare to speak to him then Conar will be beaten as he has been many times before.

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How does Brelan react when he realizes the true identity of the nameless prisoner? From the time of Brelan's arrival changes are at hand, but again are they helps or hindrances? What will happen to Conar?