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"A bright new voice in the fantasy genre" (George R. R. Martin), acclaimed author Scott Lynch continues to astound and entertain with his thrillingly inventive. Download Read The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard) | Ebook PDF Free Download Here. The Republic of Thieves: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Book Three ( Gentleman Bastard series) by Scott Lynch. Read online, or download in secure EPUB.

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The-Moth-in-the-Mirror (Splintered ) KB. Untamed_( Splintered ) 5 MB. Splintered - A.G. 8mPi7HyG - Download and read Scott Lynch's book The Republic of Thieves in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free The Republic of Thieves book by. The Lies of Locke Lamora, Red Seas. Under Red Skies, and The Republic of. Thieves are works of fiction. Names, places, and incidents either are products of.

Register Remember Password. With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour, Locke and his trusted partner, Jean, have barely escaped with their lives. Or at least Jean has. But Locke is slowly succumbing to a deadly poison that no alchemist or physiker can cure. Yet just as the end is near, a mysterious Bondsmage offers Locke an opportunity that will either save him or finish him off once and for all. Magi political elections are imminent, and the factions are in need of a pawn.

She has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Since both storylines were focused on Locke-Sabetha relations, it takes away from what made Gentleman Bastards series awesome.

In the end I just really wanted to hit her. It was almost as if she lived to spoil a good thing disclaimer: I don't need to like characters to enjoy reading about them, so I've survived. Just try looking at her as a curious piece of roadkill. Self-obsessed queen bitch. I got worried at the very beginning when he had a crush on her as a 5 year old, but I thought "It could work, right? She turns Lamora into stumbling, mumbling idiot. Remember kids, repetition without progress is death.

He should either get better at handling her over the years or their love should be believable. It's neither. It's barely there and not very much in keeping with genius mastermind we're used to. The plot set in the past is better because there is more scheming believe it or not and they're just trying to find themselves.

They're learning, and that makes it exciting. It'd be much more interesting to see how their relationship changed, rather than how it remained the same. The book is redeemed be language, humour, and Gentlemanly Bastardy whatever little of it we get to see.

The pieces of world-building were interesting as always but book fell short of what we all came for. I can't rate it lower, because despite all the problems I did enjoy some of it. For the writing alone, for all the jokes and quotes it deserves a biggest of high fives. What I loved was there, just not enough and overshadowed by Sabetha Habetha - that's what I call her, in Polish it means an old, pitiful sorry excuse of a horse In the end Scott Lynch remains one of my favourite authors.

I do hope that The Republic of Thieves is just a prep for the next one and all those things mentioned above were intentional.

All my criticizing may have made the message a little muddy. I liked the book a bit. I did enjoy reading it. I did impatiently await every next move of characters. But I'm already emotionally invested into the story and characters. The book had some faults serious ones. That's all I'm saying. Three stars means 'liked it' according to goodreads ratings. It's not negative - but if it was the first one of the series for me, the rating would be 1,5 stars.

Maybe two if I were in a giving mood. If this book is good or not we'll know only when the next part comes out. View all 22 comments. May 07, Adina rated it liked it Shelves: Everything about it made me jump with joy while reading, even the gory parts. I still enjoyed it a lot even though more than half was set on the sea and I am not a fan of seafaring. Still, the plot was interesting, Locke and Jean were as fu 2. Still, the plot was interesting, Locke and Jean were as fun as ever and the ending did not disappoint.

The Republic of Thieves, on the other hand, was a disappointment. You can clearly see that he was unwell in his writing, by its bleakness and lack of spark. I am sorry for him, I hope he recovers and manages to continue the series but I will not give extra points for sympathy.

Why was I so disappointed? It was boring, stale and the resolution lacked the spark of genius that the other two volumes had. Sadly, that did not happen. The whole election intrigue was lacking any life and I sort of just wanted to end. Next, the love story. We waited for pages or so to meet Sabetha and when we did it was so anticlimactic and lame.

I could not see any chemistry between the two of them although the author tried hard to create some. Locke felt a bit pathetic with his puppy-love attitude and his willingness to suffer continuously because of love. Thirdly, the side story which covers about half of the book. We are taken back in time when the crew was still together and younger.

They are sent by Father Chains to play in an itinerant theater company outside Camorr and there they are faced with a number of challenges. We also get the chance to see how Sabetha and Locke got together. Sadly, this part was a boring as the other onet and again there was no chemistry between the two lovebirds.

I will continue with the series if the author ever gets to finish the next one which I doubt but I will not hold my hopes too high. This first book in this series was very good. The second book in this series was excellent! This book was just meh. Each one of the books is a similarly meandering and complex epic adventure with twists, turns, and surprises. The Republic of Thieves was no exception.

The problem was that I could not really get invested in either of the main storylines. The previous books were true adventures while these stories just felt like ho —hum, day in the life type stuff. I will say that if you like the This first book in this series was very good. I will say that if you like the characters and the writing in the first two books, you will find more of the same here.

That makes this definitely a must read for those who have enjoyed the series so far. But, for me it will just be for the sake of connecting book two to book four — which will hopefully return to a much more exciting and riveting adventure.

Now, before you take my words to heart, note that this book is highly rated on Goodreads so it does appear that many did not have the same feelings I did. Perhaps you will fall into that category — and I hope you do! But, be prepared to possibly have the same experience I had.

View all 16 comments. Dec 31, Nico rated it it was ok Shelves: German Review on Gosureviews After 6 years I expected a better story. Sabetha, teased in the previous two books, turns out to be a very weak and shallow character. One of the main plot lines, their "love story" just doesn't work. They don't really have any chemistry together and later in the book I actually got annoyed whenever they had a scene together.

It started very strong, but the main story was utterly boring and predictable, so much that I had a hard time finishing the book. The end made up for it a little though. We get some interesting revelations there, but it's rather a setup for Scott Lynchs next book "The Thorn of Emberlain". I guess for a lot of fans who waited so long for this release it will be a big disappointment. View all 10 comments. Jul 26, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: We are back on track!!!

Part of the reason is the flashbacks to when Locke and Jean were kids running scams and seeing Sabatha when she was part of their team. The other reason is Sabatha now. Each has been commissioned by the bonds magi in a political game trying to win an election. I loved the games that they played with each other as Locke and Jean are pitted against Sabetha. It was a funny game and I loved all the one upping they did against each other.

It was a great game. Still there are some big revelations about Locke and where he might have come from. Is it true…. I still have no idea because it could go either way at this point. Lynch has some great lines and banter throughout this book and I was able to follow along with his story so much better this time around.

It seemed like he had a clear idea where his story was going and I loved the journey that he took me on. Plus we are left with a very unexpected ending that made me want to continue on right then….

Some of my favorite lines were: Why should that be exceptional? A boy may be as disagreeable as he pleases, but when a girl refuses to crap sunshine on command the world mutters darkly about her moods. Stand aside, and try not to catch fire if I shed sparks of genius.

Jul 04, Solseit rated it really liked it. Finally I sit down to write a thoughtful let's say, trying to review of the book. This is just the best book yet on Locke and Jean. We are at a point in which we know the two are the closest buddies ever. They are and continue to be the priority on everything and everyone for each other.

Their dialogues are pure gold. I was listening to the audiobook while at the gym and I would giggle or laugh every now and again and people would stare at me as if I was crazy.

The jury is still out there on Finally I sit down to write a thoughtful let's say, trying to review of the book. The jury is still out there on my mental sanity but the dialogues are undeniably hilarious. Also, my reading love to Jean is not chipped one bit; I think he is one of the fantasy characters I would always want to have by my side in real life. I love how we get to see a lot more of the Bondismage - the book reveals a lot and infers there is much more to know about the mages and about Locke.

But is it all truthful? Also, this is the first time we really experience and get to know Beth. Finally we see Locke and Beth and their magnetic interaction. They are an absolute delight to read and develop and how they are pretty much living their relationship as an elastic.

Another point worth noting is that finally the Sansa brothers are back; I was not expecting to have such an emotional reaction to their appearance but I wish they were still an integral part of the adult story. True, there is so much more to know and discover but I miss them, I miss what they can be and what they could have become.

I cannot wait for book 4. View 2 comments. Dec 25, Natalie Monroe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quick crash course for those with short-term memory loss: Sabetha was a Gentleman Bastard and is hinted to be romantically involved with Locke, and then left for some unknown reason.

Locke still loves her, but is slightly bitter about it. That's from the first two books. In this one, we finally meet the el "You're trying to be charming again," she said softly, "but I choose not to be charmed, Locke Lamora.

In this one, we finally meet the elusive woman and get more insight into their past, the rough beginnings of a romance that we know ends in heartbreak. We don't actually get to the heartbreak part, but what's here is plenty telling on its own. So, Sabetha herself. I suspect she's going to be one of those characters you either love or hate. The odds are stacked pretty firmly against her. We're used to Locke being the wilest motherfucker around and then she comes along and runs circles around him.

Epub Download The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard) Online

She resists Locke's charms and he gets sad and you just want to shake her by the shoulders and go "Fucking kiss already! And she's very, very close to being a Pixie Girl. Lynch toed the line extremely fine. She's mysterious and beautiful and intelligent. Her POV appears just once in this sprawling series; most of the time, we see her through Locke's besotted perspective. It's hard to get a grip on her as a living breathing person.

But once you get past the POV problem, Sabetha is a joy to read. She's resourceful, she demands what's hers, she's insanely, scarily clever. Most misgivings towards her can be resolved if you see things from her perspective, which Sabetha tries to impart on Locke's thick head. Readers want her on a pedestal because that's what Locke wants, or thinks he wants, but Sabetha isn't ever going to be that girl.

She will call him out on his bullshit, like his automatic assumption of leadership or his obsession with her red hair. Her refusal to be charmed by Locke can be forgiven, even though it's incredibly frustrating. Well, I do not choose to be charmed by you, Locke Lamora. He died trying to bring his wife back to life, who had red hair, and basically confirms Sabetha's worst fears, that Locke loves her because she's an object, not a person.

Part of the reason I love this series is its focus on ordinary people. No queens seeking to reclaim their kingdoms, no kings gathering troops to topple a usurper.

Just a gang of orphans, richer and cleverer than anyone else. But if anyone can reconcile two of fantasy's biggest tropes—the Chosen One and Destined Love—it's Lynch.

He can have my car, I trust him that much. To continue comparing it to Bardugo's masterpiece isn't fair to my beloved Bastards, their wisecracks, and crazy schemes.

Gentleman Bastards is an amazing series in its own right. I can scarcely wait for The Thorn of Emberlain. View all 4 comments. Grant him new ways of tickling my fancy with poetic swearing, witty scheming, and vicious storytelling. So apparently the Nameless Thirteenth enjoys pissing on mortals and laughing at their prayers.

It felt more like a PG version of an R rated movie … and only because of the swearing … which was great, but not enough to carry the story along. This was fun at first but quickly became boring and dragged the story along. If The Lies of Locke Lamora had been structured like this book I probably would have passed on the entire series. I'll still read anything Scott Lynch writes, but this was far from his best work. View all 21 comments.

Jun 15, Will M. Blessed is the one who aids a thief, hides a thief, revenges a thief, and remembers a thief, for they shall inherit the night. I used to think of the Gentleman Bastard series as a mediocre series, but this third instalment finally managed to impress me. Action wise, this had quite a few. Not enough to fully impress me, but quite adequate to keep things interesting.

This novel felt more like a character development novel for Locke and the ever mysterious Sabetha. So we finally get to know who Blessed is the one who aids a thief, hides a thief, revenges a thief, and remembers a thief, for they shall inherit the night. So we finally get to know who Sabetha is, and not only that, but we also get to know their past.

We finally understand why Locke is so obsessed with her. Just like his first two novels, we have 2 alternating chapters of current events and the interludes. Just like before, I also liked the interludes in this novel. I really liked Father Chains in the fist novel, and it's quite refreshing to read more of him in the third one. As for Sabetha, she's exactly how I envisioned her.

Playing hard to get in the beginning, but falls for the guy anyway. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just that I saw it coming. Jean was quite as interesting as he was in the previous novels. Locke and Jean will always be one of my favorite characters in the fantasy genre. Plot wise, this one kind of lost its track. Lynch tried to incorporate the romance and the plot, but he kind of focused on the romance instead. I would've hated this because of that, but Locke and Sabetha's story was just really interesting to read about.

I didn't find it cliche, because of the witty things Father Chains did to them, or made them do. This is a wonderful adventure-fantasy novel with an amazing set of characters. This is way better than the second book, and by a long shot.

I'm just really impressed by how Lynch managed to keep my interest for pages. It's not the longest Fantasy novel I've read, but I guess it's one of the best. It didn't make it to my favorites list though, but clearly this one deserves the 5 star rating. While I previously stated that this one focused on the romance, the author still managed to incorporate his natural wit and write with such impeccable technique. The way the romance was written is not the typical cliche romance of two characters you mostly read about.

It's filled with adventure, and managed to be a page turner. You would want to know what will happen next. His ever present plot twists were also evident, and that ending was perfect. The latter part was full of plot twists chapter after chapter, and I honestly didn't see them coming. The epilogue was perfect. He couldn't have written a better cliffhanger. I hate and love him for that. The ending of the book itself though, prior to the epilogue, was even better.

What is Locke going to do next? Why did the author give him such a terrible fate. I have to know what's going to happen next. An arc copy of the fourth novel would be greatly appreciated. The reasons why they did though were really interesting.

Like I said, not our cliche type of romance. Most of my friends rated this 4 stars, and I understand why. I believe most of them loved the first and second novel, but I didn't. I was even expecting to hate this third one because I got bored with the second. It's all opposite now because they rated the first and second 5, and I rated those two with 4 and 3.

Of the three novels currently published, this is the only one that managed to really impress me. I didn't get bored while reading, so that's a good thing. The plot is really good and the characters are amazing. Oct 24, Connor rated it really liked it Shelves: Of the three books in the Gentleman Bastard series Will there ever be any more? I liked this one least. I really loved meeting Sabetha finally, and seeing Locke and her past. I also loved that we get more information on Locke's mysterious past.

I wish this one had kept up the same sense of urgency and suspense that the first two books had though. I wasn't as captivated by the plot because this one focused so much on Locke and Sabetha's perpetually strained relationship. I'm looking forward to Of the three books in the Gentleman Bastard series Will there ever be any more?

I'm looking forward to what will happen in the future of the series if the forth book ever comes out. View 1 comment. I really enjoyed reading this series. I love the Locke and Jean bromance. And I'm delighted with the humour, though crude, is strangely eloquent. However, the quality of the books seem to be dropping as the series progressed. As engaging as the plot was, The Republic of Thieves did suffer from really uneven pacing; some setpieces were dragged out, some rushed through.

What I did absolutely love from this book was the backstory Interludes which brought the reader back to Locke's much younger days I really enjoyed reading this series. What I did absolutely love from this book was the backstory Interludes which brought the reader back to Locke's much younger days in Camorr - hence, the joy of having Chains and the Sanza twins back among the pages again.

The main reason for this period of backstory was to introduce Sabetha, the mysterious lady love of Locke Lamora. Try as I may, I can't make myself like Sabetha. Yes, she's brilliant enough to give Locke a run for this money; highly capable and strong as far as being the sole female GB should be.

She's also extremely moody, unreasonably so at times, and reduced Locke to a shadow of himself whenever he's around her. The reason why she treated Locke the way she did actually annoyed instead of making me empathize with her.

I accept that she's a teenager then, but it did little to endear me to her character. I'm just glad that their interaction in the current-day chapters was much more mature.

Jean Tannen, the most loyal friend one can ever have, bar none. His relationship with Locke was the highlight of the series and while he is always protective of his friend, he does not shy away from calling him out on his crap. If I'm asked to describe Jean with one word, it will be - solid! The mystery behind Locke's true identity was also revealed in this book.

While quite jawdropping, it was laced with uncertainties given the circumstance of the revelation and even more so because of the personality who delivered the information. I am suspicious.. Thieves prosper, The rich remember, We are thieves among thieves. View all 8 comments. Jul 01, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Fantasy Review Barn Spoilers from the first two books guaranteed.

Prologue The young man has found a rekindled interest in the fantasy genre. Joe Abercrombie pulled him back in with The First Law. George RR Martin tried to break him. Eagerly the man searches forums for something new, something great, a series to follow for years to come.

It is finally here! Eage Fantasy Review Barn Spoilers from the first two books guaranteed. Eagerly he starts reading, looking for answers to old questions. Was Locke really poisoned, if so how will he pull through? Is there any possible way Sabetha will live up to the hype? Will the man be just as excited for the fourth book of the series as he was for the third?

The early going proves promising. Quickly the man is ensnared in a flashback, complete with an early Sabetha sighting. The author still has the touch; the flashbacks are not intrusive despite the impatience to get to the main story. The flashbacks are a bit different this time around, no longer dealing with major time jumps.

Download republic epub of thieves

Instead, after the prologue dealing with early life, they focus on the full complement of the Gentleman Bastards dealing with one assignment reviving a theatre in some disrepair. Very much focused on the relationship between Locke and Sabetha, there were plenty of shenanigans to keep readers entertained The flashbacks may be a bit dry for some readers, despite plenty of the usually scheming large sections were still spent dealing with the workings of the theatre and the play being performed.

Interlude Oh my god was that book awesome. Instantly the young man grabs the sequel. Peaking at the cover synopsis he wrinkles his brow. A Pirate story? How the hell is that going to work? A rare book that he would have been happy to have another hundred pages of. The flashback storyline was wonderful, felt complete, and was a fun addition to the backstory. Was it everything the man was hoping for?

The main storyline was certainly entertaining. Politics as spectator sport! And while a deeper look at the vote chasing Locke and Jean must go through may have led to a more bloated book, it might have been a good thing. A lot of double crossing and fun shenanigans for sure, but not much showed how votes were turned or lost in this all important election.

For those used to getting the full details of the Bastards complicated plans handed down piece by piece it was a tad disappointing, though by no means a complete let down. Perhaps just a case of unusually high expectations. Learning a bit more about the bondmages is welcome as well. Their participation in the game of politics is perhaps not something to look at too closely, but in most other ways they were fleshed out strong. It all makes the land Locke lives in a bit more alive; not a place one would want to live in but enthralling to read about.

Interlude The dinner was good and the evening enjoyable. Teeth are brushed, jammies put on, and hugs are given. Little boy in bed the Aunt realizes she has a long drive ahead and starts to say goodnight. What would he recommend? Damn is that a long, awkward title.

The Republic of Thieves

Rarely is there such build up for the unknown, such an important character in the protagonists life yet not seen for two full books. It was asking for a letdown, there was no way she could live up to the hype and expectations readers were building. But she did. She matched Locke hit for hit, mental blow by mental blow, scheme for scheme. She knew when he was going left, knew that he knew that she knew, and caught him the act of faking right and going left anyway. It is perfectly clear why Locke has pined for this woman for five years, their battles of schemes and wits rarely tip to far in one or the others favor, and Sabetha seems to be the only one who gets the better of Locke time and again.

As a competitor Sabetha was everything hoped for. She is hard to pin down. One true love, foretold by destiny? It is easy to foresee a portion of the fandom turning on her; calls of whiney and bitch will be common for her sometimes treatment of Locke. Admittedly at times her extreme mood changes into anger seemed directed at the wrong source. But be clear, it is just one more way she is the perfect counterpart to Locke, no stranger to sudden mood shifts, brooding, and anger himself. Yes, Sabetha will be a nice addition to future books, as long as the formulaic nature of their interactions is changed up a bit next time around.

Epub republic download thieves of

Locke already had a perfect friend in Jean, now he has a perfect foil in Sabetha. She was fun, witty, and razor sharp. Closer in style to Lies of Locke Lamora than its sequel, the book moved at the same brisk speed, wove the story between two timelines beautifully, and provided plenty of excitement. Ending on less of a cliff hanger was a plus, though of course there are plenty of open questions to provide fodder for the rest of the series.

The flashbacks are interesting, and provide a chance to bring back old friends to the story. The main storyline was fun and exciting, though a bit shallower. Sabetha was worth the wait and Locke and Jean are still an awesome pair. Some areas may not pass the logic test, but it is too entertaining to rate lower and was well worth the wait. What did you think?

It's one of my favorites!

About the Author

Three months later and I am still finding typos. Aug 21, Simeon rated it liked it Shelves: An unedited preview of the first words of the Republic of Thieves can be read here. Publication has also been pushed back to September, I'm sorry all you gentlemen bastards, but now we wait.

As usual the worldbuilding is great. You really want to be a part of this world, the scents, the buildings, the people.

The pace is a lot slower than the rest of the series and I found this one not quite as enjoyable as the prequels, but still a very good book. Quit being so hard on yourself. You are absolutely correct, Locke. So no matter how unhappy I am with this installment, no matter how lovesick you were with Sabetha, no matter how thinner this book's plot is compared with the first two, no matter how bored I felt when Patience is talking, I am still giving this four stars, because gods damn it, I am so biased when it comes to Lynch's Quit being so hard on yourself.

So no matter how unhappy I am with this installment, no matter how lovesick you were with Sabetha, no matter how thinner this book's plot is compared with the first two, no matter how bored I felt when Patience is talking, I am still giving this four stars, because gods damn it, I am so biased when it comes to Lynch's witty writing and I don't think I can possibly not like anything with his name on it.

It's still entertaining, still witty and funny, and it will make you swoon. This is all about Locke and Sabetha's courtship, both in the past and the present. If you wanted to meet this red headed girl and know why Locke is so fixated on her, you will not be disappointed.

If you wanted the scheming Locke fixated on a good haul, well then, better re-read the first two books. The Republic of Thieves sets the stage for the future books' plotlines. Expect twists regarding Locke's real identity, the return of a foe, and well, Sabetha. Some goodreaders have ARCs already!!!! Dying of envy here, people. It's time for a re-read, gentlemen. Seeing as this is the 3rd book in a series, I don't want to say too much about the plot.

I loved the theatrical and political aspects of this one a lot. They're the absolute best. It was hilarious, as all the books in this series are. And overall, a really great time. So glad I waited to read this one a while after book 2 because it was fun to return to these characters.

And now we wait for The Thorn of Emberlain. Jul 09, ChopinFC rated it really liked it. The Republic of Thieves is yet another outstanding and highly entertaining continuation of the witty, highly sarcastic and definitely Rrated series Gentleman Bastards!

Nothing is worse than reading a full review Nothing is worse than reading a review that will give away spoilers lamo. So I am pretty darn careful about skimming through some reviews of books that I am about to read so as not to run that risk. Nothing could be further from the truth! As some of you may recall, the magi are an incredibly powerful cast of magicians that are able to control minds, teleport into animals and have omnipotent sorcery.

Locke and Jean somehow get finagled into meddling with the local politics of Karthain. As most of you may recall, we are left with a big cliffhanger in the end of the second book. He is able to use sarcasm, very R rated fun, magic and deep rooted emotions all to break away the tension of previous book.

The results are astounding! Much like music, where the tension of a minor key or a dissonant sound can be completely resolved by coming back to major key! It only took 2 full books and a shitload of pages pages to be exact for Lynch to finally introduce us to Sabetha! Yet, it is the way she mistreats Locke Lamora that put me off about her character.

After 2 books, I am so damn invested in Locke Lamora and feel like I am his biggest fan through all of his misadventures. So here comes Sabetha, beautiful, dangerous yet with Locke she is petulant, arrogant and downright mean. I much rather see the Gentleman Bastard stealing shit, or conniving to heist a big score against a noble family! Some details in the story fall flat. However, the series continues to highly entertain; has hilarious near R dialogue, magic, thievery and unforgettable characters which will leave you peeing in your pants!

Jul 28, Veeral rated it really liked it Shelves: The essence of The Republic of Thieves could be derived from one name: Yes, finally Sabetha Belacoros is here! The book is divided into two parts. The first one deals with the backstory of Locke and Sabetha - at Camorr where they grew up and at Espara, where the Gentleman Bastards are sent to perform on stage by Chains.

To be honest, I am not a dedicated series reader. In fact, I am the worst kind of a series reader you will ever find. My theory is that that there are a lot of books still to be read, each with their own unique worlds. So, why trudge some known grounds with the same characters in similar settings if I can lose myself in yet another different and fantastic fantasy universe? But if the prose is filled with witty and sarcastic characters, I am compelled to continue with a series.

The fault lies with the author. This theory has driven my reading preferences right from the start and I must say, has served me well. Locke Lamora is one of those very few characters whose dry witticism never leaves him in any situation.

Yes, Karthain. The city of the Bondsmagi! No less. Locke is offered to be cured by the Magi, but on one condition. Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen are to act as experts to help win the elections for a political faction supported by Magi. The catch is, there are two political parties in Karthain, and each is backed by a different group of Magi to win the elections.

The backstory has its own benefits as well, as we are again entertained by characters like Calo, Galdo and Chains along with some new and interesting ones. Everything else takes a backseat here. So, while most of the times the romance angle is endearing and interesting, sometimes it does feel a bit drawn out, especially in the latter half of the book.

But make no mistake, it is still good. And most of the times, I liked the romance angle of the book. I requested and received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review. Jul 09, Mayim de Vries rated it liked it.

Without any doubts Gentleman Bastards is one of my favourite series to date even though from instalment to instalment it steadily goes down the slope with the full quintuple fuckdamn of stars for The Lies of Locke Lamora , three and a half star aboard for the Red Seas Under Red Skies and three very conflicted stars here. If you remember, I had a feeling that the previous instalment of Gentleman Bastards was the book proper an accompanying pirate novella.

Now, the Republic of Thieves is also a co Without any doubts Gentleman Bastards is one of my favourite series to date even though from instalment to instalment it steadily goes down the slope with the full quintuple fuckdamn of stars for The Lies of Locke Lamora , three and a half star aboard for the Red Seas Under Red Skies and three very conflicted stars here.

Now, the Republic of Thieves is also a combo novel; it contains two books mashed together intermittently. The first one, the present, picks up promptly where we finished the pirate adventures of Tal Verrar. The second, the past, sheds light onto those golden years in Camorr when all the Gentleman Bastards were in their prime.

Both have things I loved and things I found wanting. In the present, Locke is dying, his humours terminally imbalanced due to the poisoning and no force on earth able to cure him save the Bondsmagi and those are not sweetly predisposed towards Locke since the unfortunate affair with the Falconer. Do you remember Falconer? Brush up your memory, issues around him are becoming central to the story again.

It turns out that Karthain is not as monolithic as we were led to believe in the previous instalments and one of the warring factions offers to save Locke in exchange for a job neatly done: Rigged from top to bottom. What is government but theft by consent? Book one was the tale of revenge, book two gave us a story of friendship, this time we are given a romance. The romance rules both the past and the present. In the former, Locke and Sabetha come together, in the latter, they come to terms.

Or try to, at least. I am not happy at all with the way this was played. The past has no conclusion to the story, there is no point, no morale, no ending. The main strength of the interludes was that it is marvellous to read about the whole gang alive and kicking. In terms of the Sabetha-Locke affair, the interludes were clumsily done with loads of unnecessary details and as such they read more like a prequel than the genius intervals of the first instalment.

The present is better in terms of pacing and emotional whirlwind but the way it ends is perplexing. He scattered the innuendos with the precision of a master fencer. He led us to believe that the cosmic love between them is less a case of happy coincidence, more of a tragic destiny.

Unfortunately for me, when Sabetha is deprived of her mystery shroud, she turns out to be an utter disappointment. She does not convince me. What I see is an arrogant girl, a cruel perfectionist with her conscience sensibly trimmed and a functionalist approach to life whereby everything and everyone else is just a tool to advance her own agenda. Joe Abercrombie. Lynch's long-awaited third Gentleman Bastards high-fantasy caper novel after 's The Lies of Locke Lamora and 's Red Seas Under Red Skies abundantly delivers on the promise of the earlier volumes.

Quick-witted protagonist Locke is slowly succumbing to poison as his loyal companion, Jean, tries to find someone who can save him. The price of rescue gets the duo involved in running an election campaign in the city-state of Karthain, where the parties are fronts for two factions of terrifyingly powerful mages.

The opposition campaign leader is none other than Locke's long-lost love, Sabetha, who knows all of his moves and has a few of her own. A set of flashbacks explores Locke, Jean, and Sabetha's shared past as a theatrical scam goes horribly wrong. Locke and company remain among the most engaging protagonists in fantasy, and Lynch sneaks in some incisive political parody while never overdoing the comedy. The result is fast paced, fun, and impossible to put down. The story picks up almost immediately after the end of Red Seas.

He has only a handful of days left, but rescue from certain death comes from a most unexpected source: After ridding his body of the poison, they, of all things, offer him a job. This rousing adventure expands on themes introduced in the first two books and tells the full history of Locke and Sabetha, whose relationship was tantalizingly sketchy in the first installment.

The Bondsmagi, too, are shown here in more detail than ever before, and Lynch has some serious surprises in store for fans of the first two books. It might have taken Lynch a lot longer to publish the book than fans wanted, but it was definitely worth the wait. A landmark publishing event in the sf world. See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: Del Rey October 8, Publication Date: October 8, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Book Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Gentleman Bastards - which is to say it's still good, but not as good. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Disappointing after the other 2 books in the Gentleman Bastards - which is to say it's still good, but not as good.

How it ends up reading, she's an emotionally unstable bitch and he's forever a lovelorn puppy she's kicking.

Of thieves epub download republic

But her motives are too mysterious, it makes her actions seem capricious and cruel. It is easier to get lost in a fantasy when the people still seem real, Locke's awkwardness around her, her flightiness, his undying loyalty - they all push me out of the story and make the characters seem thinner.

This series is going off the rails. Unfortunately Sabetha is built up in the first two books to be something amazing and she turns out to be pretty meh. Locke constantly tells us that Sabetha is better than him and that just doesn't appear to be true at all.

Her one good move against Locke was a low blow whereby she manipulated his personal feelings for her and then claimed it was just business. Furthermore, we find out that while Locke was planning and executing crazy cons and heists Sabetha was mainly sleeping with wealthy men in order to steal from them. Her exploits leave much to be desired and I wished she had remained absent. I'm still going to read Thorn of Emberlain if it ever releases but my opinion of this series is rapidly diminishing.

If the trend continues, book 4 will be my last trip with Locke and Jean. Hardcover Verified Purchase. I have such mixed feelings about this book and what it portends for the rest of its series. In part that's because it's trying to do three very different things, and I think it accomplishes them with varying degrees of success.

First, this novel aims to fill in the backstory of Sabetha Belacoros, a key figure who has been mentioned but never seen in the first two Gentleman Bastard books. She's long been the missing member of the central gang, and we finally get to see her as a young girl and teenager interacting with our returning heroes.

These scenes are fantastic, easily slotting into the gaps that author Scott Lynch has left in the backstory and paying dividends for the disjointed flashback structure he's employed from the beginning.

Sabetha herself clarifies the group dynamic a lot, and the story unfolding in the past is poignant and fun. I wish Lynch had included the sole female Bastard well before this, but he does a lot in these pages to make her feel like a real character and not just a requisite love interest for his male lead.

The second goal of the book is to tell the latest adventure of the Gentlemen Bastards gang in the present, including their reconnection with an adult Sabetha. This part of the story just about works on a character level, but there are simply no stakes to the actual plot.

The conmen protagonists are forced into rigging an election for a puppet government, but since it literally doesn't matter whether they succeed or not, it's hard for me as a reader to really care or even believe that the characters do. And finally, there are moments in this novel that are presumably intended to set up further adventures in the series although five years later, there is still no word of when the next book can be expected.

These parts succeed the least for me, and I find pretty much everything to do with the Bondsmagi and Locke Lamora's mysterious background frustratingly clunky and trope-filled in a way that Lynch has previously managed to avoid. On balance, I'm not sure how to weight these different elements against one another or judge this title as a whole. I love most everything to do with the added character history, but I worry that the series is rapidly losing its way with the story being told here and now.

Lies of Locke Lamora was a stunning piece of literature. Red Seas was a step down, but lower quality isn't unheard of in middle volumes of a trilogy, so it gets a pass. Now we come to the conclusive crescendo: Republic, which should have been amazing.

Instead, the series hit a new low. The "romance" was lifeless and unbelievable, the excuse provided for Locke's stalkerish obsession came way too late, the characters acted uncharacteristically, Sabetha was a manipulative AnythingYouCanDoICanDoBetter jerk, and worse, the tale kept us booing her, yet the author persisted in trying to make us feel sympathy for her as well. In general the whole story was an astonishing let down that dragged on.

Bottom line: Not worth a purchase. At all. I wish I had something better to write. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. The partnership of Locke and Jean was awesome in the first 2 books. The story lines were intriguing and the plots focused on character development.

I learned something interesting and new about Locke and Jean after each chapter. However, this book really falls flat due to the constant flashbacks that attempt to work a love story into the mix. Because of the flashback story which I thought was more focused on a play than actually developing the tension between Sabetha and Locke , the entire book falls flat, the end feels rushed, and by the final page I was left scratching my head.

What happened here? I hope Scott gets back to what made the first 2 books successful in the next installment. I was probably generous for giving this one 3 stars. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.