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Jun 2, The Last of Us with region BCES/BCES and version There is also a premade You must login or register to view. Jun 13, Transfer the game to PS3 HDD 2. Download EBOOT 3. Go to: BCES/ PS3_GAME/USRDIR and replace the original with the. Jul 7, The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game where you play as Joel and The offsets to unlock it through a PS3API or by making your own EBOOT. The files and, which can be found in the Debug Menu, or a custom save file that can be downloaded here.

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Like the title says,I have problems trying to load The Last Of Us on my PS3 with downloaded game from NET, try to check it by ODE_ISO_Check (need ORIG. BIN. But naruto and Uncharted don't have Apr 30, The Last Of Us / Uncharted series: Naughty Dog Texture Editor Download: (included files: .. Decrypt only (in your folder you now have an There is no More need to request Modded's as now anyone can do it .. just download deank's tool and read rogero's instructions.. then you. in the last few days and is working fine with games that requires FW where the "" .. Contact Us · · Archive · Top.

Forum Rules. Downloads What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of BIN's as now anyone can do it..

Let me know if it works properly for you. Originally Posted by Rogero. Hi, I have written this small tutorial on how this package should be used, this was tested a lot in the last few days and is working fine with games that requires FW 3. Please follow these steps exactly in this order!

Do not skip or reverse the steps. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

The Last Of Us wont load on Cobra ODE

It would be nice if you can also enter payload: Originally Posted by JigWeeD. I did not test it myself, i'm waiting to get back home for that, i did wait for many people that confirmed it working thou I confirm that NFS: Is there a better loader now that Multiman?

Maybe I need to install newer one?

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Fix was bad? I noticed that in Game settings in multiman it is says Last of Us ver 1. Mine is 3.

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Update It is not download, so game should be OK. Jun 3, In front of my 3DS.

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Lol, sorry man i cant help but when I read your title it felt like it was mario, need A help a, its a mario. Aug 18, Why not simply update to CFW 4. Compatibility lists suggest that it should work fine on both external and internal hdds. The Last Of Us requires at least 4.

If the patch is indeed the problem, this will eliminate your problem. Oct 27, Engine room, learning.

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I'm playing The last of Us on 3. I tested another patch first but it didn't work, the one from Opoisso is a good patch. The game works from internal HDD only, once dumped you copy the eboot. Level1 upgrade speed, and other unlocked things I didn't notice what else has changed.

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Unfortunately I have no free time to continue this so I hope someone will be more lucky with it. Could somebody please update tool for hdd cache and specdb decryption?

My tool can handle both things: HDD cache and specdb and more. You just need to look carefully into original forum thread, I've released them too. Hi, Flatz, yeah I read the thread but "refactoring" and "compiling" are alien to me: Nice work on the vol extraction though, hopefully somebody will put together a release with all the options for GT6.

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Incredibly Modifiable since the game's. Hopefully people who have played Bloodmoon will see how I left a book briefly describing the backstory next to the bed! For a more complete list, with example download links see: Left Arrow: Gravity Modification Up Arrow: Just a message about the Lobby Down Arrow: God Mode Activation L2: Game Time Modification Select: XP Modification x XP.

You can use this Self Resigner for nice user interface.

Game Modding - PS3 Developer wiki

Press 1. Decrypt Eboot. Hxd Hexeditor.