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May 29, Indy Savage, cop's daughter, rock chick and used bookstore owner, has been in love with Lee 7-Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Jun 3, Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick KB. Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick KB. Rock Chick Redux by Kristen Ashley. Read "Rock Chick Regret" by Kristen Ashley available from Rakuten Kobo. Guided by Hector, the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch and her new gay .. Edition; ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2 (DRM- Free).

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristen Ashley grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Rock Chick Regret - Kindle edition by Kristen Ashley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. How to Read Online and Download Books? d3oo9fr - Get Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick, #7) book by Kristen Ashley. Full supports all version of your . Jul 29, (Epub Kindle) Rock Chick Regret [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE] For download this book click Button below. All pages: Share. Save. Like.

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This particular time, Sadie was my favourite. I swear it changes every time I listen to it. I mean, I really like both Sadie and Hector, but there are definitely times where one will resonate more with me. I was frustrated that he was all bossy and demanding with his impatience showing towards Sadie's issues.

Yes, I get shivers up my spine when he goes all crazy Hector, but I wanted to stomp on his foot a couple of times too. Especially when it came to the way he handled the Natalie situation. Sadie, in this re-listen, amused me with her admittance to having multiple personalities to deal with her life.

Her strength, perseverance and concern for others made her lovable. Her generosity and need to look after others, especially those who had done nice things for her, made her one of my favourite heroines. Special mention must go to Ralphie and Buddy. So funny, patient and sweet. I love the Rock Chick series and they will always be my comfort audios. This is an audio review.

Rock Chick Regret audible has seen me through a few events this year. I listened as I baked numerous birthday cakes, cookies and Christmas cookies, it even helped me survive being laid up with food poisoning. It's my own little escape from the world around me. My boys have to nudge me to get my attention to ask why I was cracking up laughing?

Then shaking their heads in confusion as I tried to explain Sadie's "how bizarre" comments. Hubby walks in after a huge tear fest and patiently listens as I explain how devastating it is that Hector couldn't get to her when he knows she needs him. These are normal occurrences in my household, but my boys love me and they're used to it.

I've read and listened to Hector and Sadie's story a few times, but each time it still hits me with the same punch. Sadie has lived a very protected life with her father being Seth Townsend. He is a bad man, Sadie knows it and decides to do something about it. Hector is shocked but also concerned for Sadie because if she gets found out, it would not end well. There is also a mutual attraction between the two of them, but they're not on the same page One intimate encounter and both of them say things they don't really mean and it ends badly.

She wasn't just the Ice Pricess. This story is not for the faint of heart. It's gut wrenching, draining and emotional while also sweet, funny and sexy. This woman has been through every woman's worse nightmare, but still manages to find love waiting for her on the other side. Her trials spanned decades, but she lived through them and conquered them.

Unfortunately for Hector he knows all of her trials and what she has lived through. His challenge and hope is that she gets to the other side whole and unbroken. Sadie has been sheltered for so long she doesn't realise her reactions to circumstances are funny. Sadie gets excited about sanding and painting walls Her joy at these tasks made me laugh and her generosity and Hector's reactions to it crack me up.

The narrator is brilliant in this series and her ability to change her voice remarkable. The slight changes made it easy to tell when a different character was talking which made it very easy to listen to.

I have listened to this series over and over again. Each story caters to my mood. If I feel like a beer and want to feel young and crazy - Lee and Indy. If I'm having a fat day - Luke and Ava. I'm tough and strong and feeling invincible - Vance and Jules. Wouldn't mind a tear fest - Hector and Sadie. To be honest, they all bring me back to earth. There is no way I want to be a Rock Chick in real life, but I don't mind visiting and thinking like one every now and then.

I love all of the characters in this story, but there was one scene where Lee and Luke come in guns blazing and Hector tells Sadie that they Lee and Luke know what they're doing.

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Shivers up my spine Then Vance kissed Jules View all 28 comments. Jul 16, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing. This book just grips you right from the start. This story, much like the last one, deals with some very intense scenarios. Sadie is the rich, beautiful daughter of a high ranking drug dealer. As a defense mechanism, she becomes cold and emotionally untouchable — a way of protecting herself from the world. Hector worked as an undercover agent in an operation to take down her father during which they first met.

How can I say enough good about him? He is kinda perfect actually. I just wanna be along for the ride. Seeing her finally stand up for her self, and not let anyone get the better of her was cute, humorous and just so heart warming.

You call him Hector? It was so wonderful to see the story focus on them together as a couple for so much of the book. I swear, you feel like you are right there. And after so long knowing these characters, when they are put into life threatening situations, let me tell you, I felt real fear while reading.

Just the depth of the emotion behind their protectiveness of their women and each other, the way they all have each others back and how they will literally let no one fuck with them or their women is just so incredible swoony, it makes my heart race even just thinking about it. These guys really are the human equivalent of the Black Dagger Brotherhood vamps.

And the side characters! I fell in love with her gay best friend Ralphie. He brought the perfect blend of tender love and comfort as well as great comedic relief in the midst of some really serious subject matters. Especially the ending — oh it tugged at my heartstrings!

And not to mention the absolutely amazing epilogue where we are treated to 2 yes, TWO! How I see Hector and Sadie: View all 82 comments. Feb 27, Christy rated it it was amazing. Hector and Sadie met a while ago. When Hector was working undercover for the DEA to bring down her drug dealer father.

She has had to learn how to protect herself. She has to become Ice Princess Sadie to get through. Sadie realizes what Hector is right off the bat and tries to help him.

Fast forward a few months Sadie needs help. Since her dad has been in prison, some of her fathers enemies have come out of the woodwork. And for good reason. Sadie gets attacked view spoiler [and raped hide spoiler ] and goes to Nightingale for help. When the guys find Sadie Thankfully, her friends Ralphie and Buddy take her in after the incident.

With lots of support and love, they help her come into her own, and move past what happened to her. Hector feels that connection and will do anything to protect Sadie. But he also knows after the trauma she went through, he needs to give her time before he makes his move.

There was just something about him. He was a badass alpha, but he was also soft and gentle when he needed to be. Not only did I love Hector, but I also loved Sadie! She really did have a will of steel. Going through all she went through, and being able to heal, open up and develop relationships with people. She was pretty amazing. It was hard for her to get past all the fake Sadies, and show only the real one, but she did it. Here are some of the best quotes: He had so many funny lines!

Man of the Month! Shower sex. Even Tex had a line that made me cry I figure, so would your Ma. This one was intense and emotional, but it also had the perfect amount of KA humor, action, and swoonyness. An all around wonderful and engaging read!

The epilogue was perfect! View all 57 comments.

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Re-read Review - September , You know, I have loved each re-read so far, but this is my favorite. Sadie's story is so heartbreaking, so beautiful, I just couldn't put it down. Such a great story. I might have to re-read their stories a few more times to decide. It's a dirty job The Re-read Review - September , You know, I have loved each re-read so far, but this is my favorite.

The story is truly awesome… heartbreaking, inspiring, romantic and very sexy… a delicious tale served up in true Kristen Ashley form. What an amazing, incredible, all kinds of awesome man.

Hector alone made this book worth reading, but then throw in the beautiful, loving, compassionate Sadie and the rest of the Rock Chick cast and this story could be nothing less than 5 stars. I might do a longer review someday… or maybe not. Buy it. View all 35 comments. Feb 16, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love everything about this book! Rock Chick Regret has the perfect combination of humor, angst, romance, suspense, drama, fluff, and steamy eroticism.

This book has a similar feel to Heaven and Hell one of my all-time favorite books. It deals with delicate and traumatic circumstances realistically, appropriately, and, at time, heartbreakingly.

But, Kristen Ashley also adds splashes of wonderful and endearing humor to counterbalance the darker feel inherent in such a book, making 5 stars WOW! But, Kristen Ashley also adds splashes of wonderful and endearing humor to counterbalance the darker feel inherent in such a book, making Rock Chick Regret one fantastic and enjoyable read. It's easily become one of my all-time favorite Kristen Ashley books. If you're already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!

View all 21 comments. May 05, Kellison rated it it was ok Shelves: It comes across as a really lame version of "bloody hell. Why are we jumping around in time? Don't tell me what happens then go back to explain how we got there.

Once I know what happens I don't really care how it happened because the "surprise," if you will, is ruined. Just show me how we got there in the natural flow of the story instead of giving me spoilers then explaining them. Every time I saw those words together, I wanted to throw the book. Without fail, my brain would go on a mini-rant about how an educated socialite—who had etiquette classes for God's sake—would NEVER use that kind of terrible grammar.

The rape was a trauma. Almost dropping some silverware was not. And makes sure to tell said mother about said trauma before hand so she can be sure to make this date even more uncomfortable by bringing it up?! An absolute moron, that's who. We're really sorry that once she disappeared we stopped paying attention to what happened to you until you were raped. Our bad. Let us be best good friends now and forget that we abandoned you for something years to your dickhead father who may or may not have been involved in your mother's murder, because we have photos of your mom.

Sadie's mom--the wife of a rising star in the criminal world-- "disappeared" 18 years ago with no word, no trace. Do not tell me Sadie is smart then have her be utterly shocked that her mother didn't run away but is actually dead. What smart person, in that situation, wouldn't have at least had the thought that she is probably dead? And then when she's so stupid with that note "from her mom" at the bar? There's no real in between, no building of friendship and actually getting to know one another, they just all dump themselves into her life and demand that she be happy about and thankful for their presence.

This really bothered me. If I were Sadie and he told me that, and then I went out with the Rock Chicks and found out that they always have an escort I'd have been pissed off beyond belief. It would have gone like this: Fuck all y'all.

Download epub chick rock regret

Um, that is not at all the way you get back at someone for being a jerk. Because, seriously, the husband had nothing to do with that situation and if he hadn't publicly stated he was gay it was not at all Sadie's place to announce it.

It'd be like me getting back at my cousin for throwing a water balloon at me by throwing acid at my aunt; a complete overreaction towards the wrong person that had the potential to seriously injure. First of all, how are so many people on the same page in regards to what a fairy princess looks like? Are we talking Tinkerbell? Does she have pointy ears and wings?

In addition, what does Sadie looking like a fairy princess have to do with anything? One could look like a fairy princess and be a raving bitch, a total psychopath, a scheming criminal. Looks are superficial. Also, I didn't like what the "how could someone hurt you, you look like a fairy princess" implied; does that mean someone who looks less beautiful or innocent or otherworldly or whatever the fairy princess thing was supposed to imply is more deserving of brutal treatment?

In this situation, looks shouldn't have factored. It should have been, "How could anyone hurt another person in this way? It also, as another reviewer pointed out, made Sadie seem childlike, in a way, which was just icky and a little creepy to me. First they turn her away when she asks for protection and she gets raped and beaten half to death. And then, even though they've bugged all her phones and put cameras everywhere to monitor Sadie's every move she's kidnapped twice from under their noses—once from their flipping offices!

Oh yeah, and her art gallery is burned down while they watch. I think they have to do all of this stuff free of charge because they're completely incompetent! Second, these plans are announced to every person she knows and probably half of Colorado when her financial advisor comes to her gallery opening and just throws her private business out there for all to hear.

Seriously, in the middle of a crowded art gallery, this guy, supposedly a long time financial guru, just blurts out her confidential financial information. Clearly this happened for the added drama, not because it was in any way realistic.

In real life, he might have come to the opening, but he would have gone to Sadie's office to speak with her--especially after she made it clear she did not want to talk about it in her gallery with everyone around. I'm genuinely disturbed by the treatment of rape in this book. I'm pissed off by the fact that all of the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch seem to have blabbed about Sadie's rape to anyone who'll listen. That is not their business to tell, and it was especially bothersome because, as I mentioned before, I don't feel like any real friendship was developed between Sadie and the Rock Chick posse.

Perfect strangers walking up to me and the only thing they know about me is that I was brutally raped and beaten? Not cool. They never let Sadie forget for even an evening that this terrible thing happened to her—someone was always bringing it up either verbally or by stroking or staring at her scar. I'd be all about escaping that situation, and it made no sense that Sadie wasn't insanely uncomfortable and irate that these people were spreading her personal information all over town.

Rape is not something you just casually mention to every person in your acquaintance, but especially not when you weren't the one raped. This almost made the book a DNF for me, I was so disturbed by this lack of regard for Sadie's privacy.

Just, no. Having known women who have actually been raped, this books treatment of the subject really bothered me. It made the rape a plot device, not the serious issue it really is.

I saw a friends life completely derailed by rape—and I didn't know about the rape for months because it was so hard for her to even admit it. She eventually got her life back on track because she had support from her friends and family, and she finally got counseling.

But it took years. Now, I know everyone is different for example, some rape survivors have a hard time being around men, and some immerse themselves in male company and some want to act like it never happened Sadie is being pushed into going on dates after a month, she is being pressured into a physical relationship her freak out says she is not ready for, she is being gossiped about around every corner and behind every door.

She never gets to make a fresh start because everyone is more than willing to remind her that she was raped and beaten. The reason so many rapes go unreported is because of the feeling of violation telling about rape brings forth—often described by rape survivors as feeling like a second rape. Things that are sort of positive about this book I'm really reaching here, people: She was a survivor—whether she was surviving her situation with her Dad or surviving her assault, she picked herself up and found ways to move forward.

Once the author tried to make her into a Rock Chick, though, she became just as air headed and empty as Indy and Daisy and Jet. I'd have preferred if she hadn't been shoved in with the rest of them, if she'd just stayed on the periphery and been cooly polite to them but not friendly—it still would have been more than they deserved.

He could be sweet and thoughtful, and in those moments I could understand his allure. As is par for the KA course, he was very bossy and alpha, but especially after Sadie's rape these qualities bothered me when they came into play with her. I really needed him to be a bit more of a Hank or Mitch for Sadie, and a bit less of the alphahole. I also disliked the "I'm giving her a month to heal, after that she's mine" thing. Dude, after a month she wasn't even physically healed, forget about her being emotionally healed enough to be someone's "woman.

But he Really only loves Sadie. Those other women were just to pass the time until Sadie wised up and sought him out. Hector, you have to inform a girl you're interested, first of all. And making out with her once while on an undercover job in which she doesn't even know your real name and then insulting her and making her feel like you just want a quick roll in the hay, nothing more, doesn't count.

Secondly, if you were really waiting for Sadie, you'd have actually, ya know, waited for her, none of this random hook-up business. It just made his claims about loving Sadie and knowing she was The One seem tainted, because even though he knew that, he still went out and screwed a bunch of other women. How am I not supposed to wonder if he would go find some other woman for solace if he and Sadie ever got into a big fight or had a rough patch?

But they were pretty much the only people in the story whom I felt genuinely cared about Sadie—they wanted to be there for her, help her find her way in the new reality she found herself in, listen to her when she needed to talk or rant, comfort her when she needed to cry, keep her company when she wanted to be quiet.

Ralphie and Buddy were true friends to Sadie, and they wanted nothing in return but her friendship and happiness. Their existence in the story made the farce that was the Rock Chicks friendship with Sadie look that much more twisted and desperate. Though, it was often way too melodramatic. Also, I felt like the romance part built too quickly. Sadie did not even know herself, let alone Hector, and there is no way Hector knew her if she didn't even know herself.

Also, the suspense and drama part took way too long. See above for my remarks about Nightingale's ineptitude. Although there was a lot of people laughing at really weird and inappropriate times: Lets all grin and try to hide our amusement at her "antics" when we bust in to save her! People also gathered at weird and inappropriate times and places a crime scene, really?

Rock Chick Regret

Not the time or place for your Rock Bitch Powwow, idiots. I guess what I'm saying is that I didn't enjoy this book. If it hadn't been on my Kindle, this book would have been flying across the room constantly from frustration. There was way too much annoying me throughout the story—the characters, the dialogue, the narration, and often it was the story itself that got on my last nerve.

Even the things that were sort of positive had huge downsides. I got tired of being told that someone was one way, then shown the exact opposite by their actions. I was also often extremely uncomfortable with the way Sadie's rape was handled by the other characters. For all that these characters are supposed to understand this sort of trauma from their vast personal experience really, is there a female in the Rock Chicks who hasn't been raped, almost raped, or somehow assaulted?

View all 7 comments. Dec 26, Baba rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Kristen Ashley addicts. My favorite "quote" - it made me go all aww www I was standing in his arms for goodness sake.

I blinked again. This time I blinked for a different reason. His Sadie? Was there a Hector's Sadie? Was I Hector's Sadie? Did Hector think I was his Sadie? Oh…my… God. Before I could process what he said or get close to processing what that meant, I watche My favorite "quote" - it made me go all aww www Before I could process what he said or get close to processing what that meant, I watched him smile, then he bent his head and kissed my lips.

Sadie Townsend is the daughter of a drug lord and by association scum of the earth. He brought Sadie's father and his whole empire down. Sadie has an appointment at Lee Nightingale's office because she doesn't feel safe and she needs a bodyguard.

Even though her father is imprisoned, the crime doesn't go away. There's a war to see who will be the new king and the Balducci brothers mean trouble trouble with a capital T. Unfortunately, Lee "can't" help her and later on something very evil happens to Sadie. This was an incredibly intense part of Rock Chick Regret and absolutely outstanding!

Hector aka Double H it stands for Hispanic Hottie is smart, sharp, and loyal. He's a gorgeous and bossy alpha male, yet there is something incredibly gentle and tender about this guy. Wow, Hector's got sexy and very warm eyes. Every time his gaze went warm my belly did a flip! Hector is totally Dee- licious! She pretends to be The Ice Princess but she is someone else.

It's a defense mechanism and being The Ice Princess is helping her to cope after she lost her mom when she was a kid. Furthermore, it helps her to deal with her drug lord father. Until Sadie met Hector, the Rock Chicks and their men she didn't have any friends of her own. She did not have fun and her life was pretty empty and without kindness. She has never learned to truly trust someone. Sadie didn't know how to deal with Hector either.

I know that Sadie had a right to act the way she did but honestly, it was quite exhausting at times! Even Hector said that she was a pain in the ass. Oh, Sadie, clue in, mamita! I loved the endearment mamita. I instantly adored it. It's so sweet and Sadie needed all the gentleness she could get from Hector. As always the cast of secondary characters is great and every character is wonderfully fleshed out! I especially loved the two gay guys Ralphie and Buddy.

They were sweet, funny, and very kind. The whole bunch of Rock Chicks are their own brand of trouble - um, good and hilarious trouble, of course! The whole story is embraced by a serious undertone then again, you'll find enough well-placed humour. The first half of the book was fabulous! But the second half lost a little bit of its sparkle and lost a tad of its pace.

Don't get me wrong, it was very good but I just hoped for another fabulous half. Yes, such darn expectations. BTW, I have to disagree, Sadie. There certainly are beautiful AND comfortable shoes. I can't believe you haven't found them yet! It's another great, engaging and sometimes very intense and painful story. View all 36 comments. Dec 31, Robin Bridge Four rated it it was amazing Shelves: Usually Kristen Ashley waits until somewhere in the middle of a book to rip out my heart but she did it almost immediately and it was rough.

That night, he followed her from her gallery to her apartment and waited outside in case she went out. She stayed in. He did not….. They are there to help Sadie after tragedy struck and they help get her back on her feet. They move her into their house and they help her heal in only a way gay men can. Meanwhile Hector bides his time letting Sadie heal a bit but making sure she is protected the entire time. But when the time comes he makes sure she knows that she is his and game on. It was easy to root for Hector and Sadie.

There was more than one time that the tears fell down my face. I was doing okay until Daisy came in with her tender heart and then I lost it. And there are Stun Guns …. There is some ridiculousness but this is a KA book and I expect and actually look forward to some of it…. May 26, Karla rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another hit in the Rock Chick series. He let everyone believe that she was everything they thought she was, when he knew better.

Hector was aware that Sadie was nothing like her father, even tried to help him when he was undercover and he never opened his mouth to tell them any different. BUT like a true Hot Bunch hero, he stepped up to the plate…big time!! I believe he was angry with himself, as he should have been, gave her everything he had to make it right, and I loved that he let her find her way on her own.

Hector just pointed her in the right direction Sadie was feisty, funny and totally clueless when it came to all things Rock Chick or for that matter, just being a girl with girlfriends, being part of a family, living a normal life. Duke, what you did, what you said…perfect. You are the man!! Oh Hector, just like those in the Hot Bunch who came before, you are a dream come true. Of course the regulars were back and I love them all, but we also got to meet two very enjoyable characters that really added to the humor and emotion in the book.

Ralphie and Buddy…adorable and hilarious! Tod and Stevie are great, but Ralphie and Buddy need to be my friends. I want to hang out with them.

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Lemon Drops and Veronica Mars! I would love to know more about what makes him tick! He was magnetic. View all 41 comments. Feb 12, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: So, I took a little break from the Rock Chick series in order to let my Buddy Group catch up with me.

Also, I needed a break from the alpha males in them. Most of you know me as an alpha female because I am, so sometimes it's hard for me to swallow all of the alpha male crap that other people find romantic. I don't find pushy, aggressive men attractive. I do, however, like men who are assertive, confident, and protective.

It's a fine line and the Rock Chick guys cross over it a little too much f So, I took a little break from the Rock Chick series in order to let my Buddy Group catch up with me.

It's a fine line and the Rock Chick guys cross over it a little too much for my tastes. All that said, I thought Hector was a much better hero than some of the past guys like Mace and Eddie. He was really careful with Sadie because she had been raped. BUT, once he got comfortable, he did piss me off when he told her that she couldn't dress how she wanted because she needed to cover herself up as his woman. And, later, after he gets in a bar fight with some guy who says something about Sadie, he blamed her way of dressing.

But, the guy had known Sadie for a long time and had been having dirty thoughts about her for years. Does that mean that Sadie's outfit was to blame she showed a little cleavage - gimme a break? Hector used that guy's dickery to try and control Sadie. And, then he blamed her, which is shaming her. It's the oldest story in the world when women's clothing is an excuse for men's bad behavior.

It's just wrong. So wrong You tell them, girlfriend! Okay, and now let's talk about using rape as a plot device. There is way too much rape, threats of rape, almost rapes, and rapey talk in these books. Please stop! And, finally, my last complaint: Sadie's use of the expression "Blooming Heck". First off, I don't think that's a thing. I've never heard an American use "blooming" as an adjective in general, but "blooming heck" makes it even worse.

More Stupid. Blooming Stupid. And, she says it a lot. Like at least once a page. Just stop! Okay, now the things I liked, cuz there were a few things. First, I thought that Hector was actually pretty sweet and kind for the first half of the book. He didn't even try to kiss Sadie for a long time because he didn't want her to feel pushed and didn't want the rape PTSD to activate. He gave her time and space, and would ask her permission before he touched her.

That gave him points before he lost them on the telling her how to dress thing. Second, we got some new characters in Ralphie and Buddy, Sadie's gay friends. They were more than awesome and super supportive of her.

She felt like she had nobody who cared about her, but they did. She really just wouldn't allow anyone to get close. They swooped in after she was attacked and gave her what she needed to heal. They brought in a rape crisis counselor, but never pushed her. They allowed her to heal in her own time. They were amazing! I want to be their friend! Finally, the whole Rock Chick world has developed and I love that we are seeing these relationships grow.

There are lots of weddings and babies these days. I am just waiting for the next book to get Ally's story. Also, I wish there would have been a book that had Darius's story, but I think this series is done. That's a shame because he is definitely interesting. View all 12 comments.

Apr 17, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it really liked it Shelves: I normally don't go into books with them, but I had read that this book was very angsty and I was so excited to read it. After that not so much. And while I still enjoyed this book a lot, I was a bit let down because of the expectations I had going into this book.

This book is about Hector and Sadie. Sadie is the ice queen and daughter of a drug lord and Hector is the agent who brought her father d 3. Sadie is the ice queen and daughter of a drug lord and Hector is the agent who brought her father down. Hector and Sadie were almost a thing, and then Hector made a mistake and expected Sadie to come back to him.

Sadie finds herself in trouble and that's when Hector comes to the rescue.

This story has a very brutal beginning and while it was a lot, I loved that aspect of it. A very sweet ending that I think lots of readers will love.

My angst expectations held me back a bit to a like and not a love. View all 4 comments. Sep 26, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: Sadie is the daughter of a fallen drug-lord and when her father dies, a war for winning his drug territory begins and Sadie is the prize. Whoever gets Sadie first wins the territory.

And oh-so-hot! I will be very quick on this one. I have to say that only start reading t 4 Sexy Stars! But this was a wonderful surprise. Both characters were very strong and their story was pretty damn great.

I love when books turn out to be so much better than what we initially thought! However, I still find the Rock Chicks so annoying and immature and I really dislike that in serious situations, things aren't serious enough.

There's too much joy or sassiness to take it seriously, and those things really get on my nerves. First read review: Penny Reid. Keep It Classy. Heart Recaptured. Hissy Fit. Mess Me Up. My Bad. Not a Hero. Cherise Sinclair.

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